Aldi Stores in Yorkshire Take Part in Toilet Roll Trial

Aldi stores in Yorkshire are trialling double toilet rolls in a bid to reduce plastic waste, as well as the number of lorries needed to deliver them to stores.

The UK’s fourth-largest supermarket has doubled the volume of sheets per roll on select own-brand lines which will in turn reduce the size of the packaging.

If rolled out across all stores, the move could see Aldi remove over 60 tonnes of plastic packaging per year.  As more packs will fit into trucks, this will also reduce the number of lorry journeys required.

The trial is taking place across select stores in Yorkshire, with double toilet rolls available for customers to buy in two, four, six, eight, and twelve packs.

Luke Emery, Plastics and Packaging Director at Aldi, said: “At Aldi, we’re working hard to reduce our environmental footprint wherever we can, and we’re always looking for new ways to make a difference.

“Reducing the plastic waste and carbon emissions related to such a widely-used product will have a huge positive impact and is just one example of some exciting changes we have in the pipeline.”

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