Brit Award Winners to Headline ‘Revolutionary’ Family Music Concert At Yorkshire’s Leading Adventure Park

One of Britain’s biggest bands has been announced as the headline act at what organisers believe will be a ‘revolutionary’ family music festival this August.

Four-time Brit Award Winners Scouting for Girls will be playing live at Stockeld Park outside Harrogate on Sunday 20th August as part of the Stockeld Rox music festival.

The festival, which began six years ago as a concert for tribute bands, has grown exponentially to become one of Yorkshire’s most unique and family-friendly music festivals, now hosting some of the country’s most celebrated and successful pop groups.

The festival is being held in the grounds of Stockeld Park, one of Yorkshire’s leading adventure parks and most historic rural estates.

“What makes Stockeld Rox truly special is that it is about so much more than the music”, said Stockeld Park Executive Director George Grant. “Ticket holders not only get a sensational evening of live music and fireworks as part of the main Stockeld Rox concert, they also have one of the most exciting and diverse Adventure Parks anywhere in the country to enjoy beforehand.”

Concert-goers will have a range of exciting things to see and do both before and during the music. Face-painting, fairground activities, hot and cold food and spectacular hits from leading tribute bands will all be on offer before the headline artists hit the stage later in the evening.

Tickets for the concert are currently on sale for £25 for anyone want to attend Stockeld Rox exclusively, with a combined ticket giving access to Stockeld Rox and Stockeld’s Adventure Park available for £30. Anyone interested in booking a ticket can do so through the festival website:

The festival is taking place over two days on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August, with gates opening for the main concert at 5pm on both days and music starting from 6:30pm.

Headlining on 19th August are Symphonic Ibiza, an extraordinary 16-piece orchestra playing club classics from the 80s and 90s.

The evening on both nights is being finished off with a spectacular firework display commencing at 10pm, for which Stockeld Park has previously been famous.

“If you want everything that a major music festival has to offer that also provides the guarantee of being safe and accessible for families, then I do not believe there is anywhere better than Stockeld Rox”, Mr Grant continued.

“What is taking place here at Stockeld Park on 19th and 20th August will be something really quite special indeed.”

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