Brutus Gold’s Love Train Returns to Leeds for the Ultimate Disco Extravaganza!

Leeds, get ready to step back in time and unleash your inner disco diva because Brutus Gold’s Love Train is set to roll into the iconic O2 Academy on December 16th, turning the venue into a pulsating Disco Inferno. Brace yourself for a night of electrifying dance, infectious energy, and unrivaled entertainment that promises to be the disco party of the year.

Disco Royalty on the Move

Having graced prestigious festivals in Switzerland, Dubai, and Italy, Brutus Gold’s Love Train is no stranger to the international stage. The Love Train has also left its glittering mark on exclusive private parties attended by the likes of Tina Turner, Ben Stiller, and Owen Wilson. Renowned for its 70s iconography, tongue-in-cheek comedy, and sheer fun, Love Train is hailed as the ultimate disco night.

What’s in Store for Party-Goers

Boogie Fever: Let DJ ‘Brutus Gold’ guide you through an A-Z of Disco Classics, dancing until your feet ache and your hearts are full.

Flashback: Immerse yourself in the glorious days of platform shoes and polyester, surrounded by Disco legends and unmatched dancing prowess.

Disco-Dance-Off: Compete for the title of the ‘Greatest Dancer’ in the legendary Disco-Dance-Off with a chance to win world-renowned prizes.

Glory Days Redux: Witness the O2 Academy transformed with astonishing production and authentic scenery, transporting you back to the heyday of disco.

Special Guests: Rub shoulders with the legendary Macho Man Brutus Gold and his star-studded cast, celebrated by MTV, Owen Wilson, and the iconic Tina Turner.

Brutus Gold’s Invitation

Speaking ahead of the show, Brutus Gold invites everyone to don their finest ‘fro, flaunt their flares, and pull on their dancing shoes. From the first dance to the last, be prepared to get lost in music and feel the good times. Tickets are flying off the shelves, so book early for a night of Disco-styled excitement and surprises.

Dress to Impress

In the spirit of Brutus Gold, guests are encouraged to dress up as their favorite Disco pop star, movie icon, or TV legend. It’s time to let loose, keep it real, and be as cool as possible.

What Others Are Saying:

  • “Absolutely great night… sore feet to prove it!” – Tracey Dickinson
  • “Another great time at Brutus Gold Love Train.” – Laura Torrance
  • “Had a blast… wonder how many had sore feet this morning.” – Helen Clayton
  • “Superb night! Thanks team!” – Yvonne Sowmen

Tickets on Sale Now

Don’t miss the Love Train—it’s not just a party; it’s a journey back in time! Secure your spot for the Christmas ‘Discoball’ by purchasing tickets now via Ticket Tailor.

Get ready, Leeds—it’s time to disco!

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