Care Home Resident Knits Teddy Bears For Local Neonatal Unit

Joyce Margaret Beardsell, a local care home resident at Cleveland House Bupa Care Home in Huddersfield, has put her knitting needles to work and created a range of hand-made teddies for the premature babies of the Leeds Centre for Newborn Care, in a bid to support the local neonatal unit. 

Inspired by seeing a charity appeal asking for donations to the unit, Joyce decided that she wanted to go one step further to help the babies of the Leeds Centre for Newborn Care. Joyce, aged 83 years old, has always been an avid knitter and enlisted the help of Debbie Daley, Cleveland House’s Activities Co-ordinator, to source yarn that would make soft, baby-friendly teddies for the premature babies.

Joyce commented: “I’ve always knitted and learned how to do it at a young age. My grandma taught me how to knit my first dish cloth and since then I’ve always loved it! When I saw the callout to help the premature babies, I thought I’d put my knitting needles to use and see what I could do to help.”

Knitting the teddies for the premature babies is a cause that is especially close to Joyce’s heart. Joyce, who was born and raised in Huddersfield, worked as a receptionist on a maternity ward at Princess Royal University Hospital for a number of years and saw first-hand the incredible work that neonatal units deliver. Joyce commented: “I loved every minute of my job, so thought that knitting the teddies was the perfect way to try and help once more.”

Leanne Snowden, Home Manager at Cleveland House Bupa Care Home, commented: “It’s been so nice to see Joyce doing something she is not only passionate about, but also is so talented at doing. Joyce is such a lovely lady – selfless, kind, and committed to giving back.”

Debbie Daley, Cleveland House’s Activities Co-ordinator, added: “It was brilliant to see how much Joyce loved doing the knitting – she had a great time chatting to the other residents about her plans and reminiscing about her time working on the maternity ward.

“We are so lucky to have such wonderful residents at Cleveland House Bupa Care Home who always want to go the extra mile to help other people, it makes me feel very proud to work here.”

Alongside her knitting, Joyce enjoys taking part in Cleveland House’s activity clubs and spends time decorating cakes, singing, and socialising with her fellow residents.

Cleveland House Bupa Care Home is situated in Huddersfield and welcomes residents in need of nursing or residential care, including those living with Huntington’s and Parkinson’s. For further information, please visit

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