Cost of Living Crisis in Yorkshire: 8 out of 10 Shoppers Looking for Christmas Bargains

Eight out of ten cost-conscious Yorkshire consumers (79%) said they would be looking for more bargains and discount shopping this year to help budget for Christmas gifting because of the cost of living crisis, new research has revealed.

According to the 2,000-person poll by Yorkshire shopping outlet, Junction 32, six in ten (63%) said they would be starting their shopping early to help with festive financing – almost a third (29.5%) said they had already started buying Christmas gifts. 

When asked how their Christmas shopping might change this year, the most popular response was “looking for a good deal” (39.6%) followed by those who would “shop more frequently to hunt out the right gift at the right price” (32.5%).  Almost a quarter (23%) said they would not make any changes this year. 

Darren Winter, Centre Director at Junction 32, said: “Many shoppers are already on the front foot when it comes to planning their Christmas shopping. This year, more than any in recent times, budgeting will be a key priority as the public look to spread the present-buying cost over a longer period. 

“We knew that the Christmas buying season had already started and our research has confirmed that to be the case with almost a third of shoppers saying they’re already underway. 

“In fact, more than half the population say they will have started their Christmas shop before October half-term, with the vast majority looking for bargains and discount shopping, something we have plenty of at Junction 32.” 

With more than 80 brands offering up to 60% off RRP, along with a range of restaurants and cafes, there’s plenty of opportunities for some time well spent with family and friends at Junction 32. 

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