Curious couples wanted for new Channel 4 TV series exploring open relationships

Do you want to explore a freer lifestyle and relationship? Married or in a committed relationship? Curious about open relationships and seeing other people while remaining together?

Firecracker Films – the UK TV production company creator of some of the UK’s most popular award-winning programmes – are looking for couples who are in long-term relationships but curious about exploring whether non-monogamy could strengthen their bond.

With 42% of marriages now ending in divorce, Open , the new ground-breaking series will explore whether monogamy is still the answer. The series will follow a group of monogamous couples, assisted by sex and relationship therapists, as they embark on a series of intimate workshops and dates, to road-test whether the idea of having sex with other people works alongside maintaining a committed relationship.

If you or anyone you who you know is interested in being involved in the show, please contact or 07709 616 280.

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