Dobbies Donates Real Christmas Trees to Charitable Causes in York

Dobbies Garden Centres is looking to spread the spirit of Christmas in York with its festive Not Your Average Community campaign, in partnership with Needlefresh.

The UK’s leading garden centre is inviting charitable groups across York to get in touch and help the Dobbies team donate Nordmann Fir Christmas trees to four worthy causes, just in time for the seasonal build-up.

A Christmas tree is the classic centrepiece, not just in the home, but in schools, community centres, churches and other charity centres, and Dobbies is looking to spread some yuletide cheer with donations across York.

Dobbies is committed to sustainability and all the real Christmas trees sold are grown from specially selected seeds, taken from hand-picked cones which have been left to dry and nurtured into seedlings. The growing team use specialist pruning techniques to create a bushy and uniform shape by hand, reducing any impact on the surrounding environment and protecting the animals and plants in and around the tree base.

Dobbies’ Horticultural Director, Marcus Eyles, said; “We’re proud to be in a position where we can support local communities, so thank you to Needlefresh for supporting us with this campaign. We would encourage schools, community groups and charities across York to get in touch with a nomination to be within the chance of receiving a Christmas tree donation.

Dobbies’ Horticultural Director Marcus Eyles (© Dobbies Garden Centres)

“The Nordmann Fir is the most popular Christmas tree in the UK because it loses very few needles, meaning your tree will remain green and full, with the right care. It’s the perfect tree for our Not Your Average Community campaign.”

Needlefresh Managing Director, George Hood, added; “We take great pride in growing our sustainable trees and are excited to partner up with Dobbies on this brilliant community initiative. We look forward to seeing community groups across York decorating and enjoying their sustainable grown, real Christmas tree.”

Nominations can be submitted via by filling out a simple form. Deadline for submissions is Monday 24 October. All entries will be reviewed by the Dobbies’ team and the winning community groups will be contacted in early November and invited along to the York store to hand select their tree. Those who apply to a little dobbies store will have their tree delivered.

For more information or to submit an entry, visit:

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