Doncaster-Based Online Bathroom Retailer Victoria Plum to Launch First Helen Skelton TV Ad

Online bathroom retailer Victoria Plum has announced its first TV ad campaign featuring the company’s brand ambassador, TV and radio presenter Helen Skelton, will go live on Monday, 7 August.

The four 30-second ads will be broadcast on Sky and Channel 4’s video on demand service. Doncaster-headquartered Victoria Plum will also support the TV campaign with a range of online advertising and paid and organic social media activity.

The ads feature Helen in a room set with a range of Victoria Plum products with each edit having a humorous payoff line which she delivers, including her unscripted dropping of a rubber duck.

Victoria Plum marketing director, Nigel Hunter, said: “We chose Helen as our first ever brand ambassador because her vibrant and authentic personality reflects our values and resonates with our customers.

“She has been an absolute pleasure to work with since day one. Our TV ads capture her personality, raise a smile and communicate how we want to enable our customers to realise their bathroom dreams as easily as possible.”

The initial concept for the TV ad campaign was created by Victoria Plum’s inhouse marketing team which was then developed by Leeds-based creative agency Supersonic. The four ads were directed by Chris Bartle and produced by Active Pictures, which is also based in Leeds.

Victoria Plum is the UK’s largest online only bathroom retailer. The company employs around 400 people and has sales of £113m.

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