Fancy Being the Lord of Roundhay & Seacroft? Official Title is up for Grabs in December Auction

Wannabe Lords in Leeds are in luck, as Auction House West Yorkshire is auctioning off the official title of The Lordship of Roundhay and Seacroft in an auction taking place on 13 December. 

The prestigious title is being sold by its current owner who has owned it for over 24 years and now feels that it’s time to pass the baton on. 

Over the years of being a Lord, the current owner has had fun using the title to make holiday and hotel reservations and enjoyed numerous upgrades and perks because of it. They were once even asked to officially open a department store when on holiday in America after word got out that they were a Lord.

It’s an unusual lot and one that the Auction House thinks will attract a lot of interest, especially as it’s being sold so close to Christmas and would make a unique and thoughtful gift. 

James Pank, director of Auction House West Yorkshire, said: “We’ve never been asked to auction off an official Lordship title before, but we’re expecting this one to fly. It’s a really quirky Lot and would make the perfect Christmas present for a proud resident of Roundhay or Seacroft. 

“Being a Lord also opens up a lot of doors when it comes to making bookings and reservations, and the current owner has enjoyed using the title over the last 24 years, but they now feel it’s time to let someone else take the title and enjoy all the perks that come with it.” 

The full title being sold is ‘The Manor or Reputed Manor or Lordship of Roundhay and Seacroft in the City of Leeds’. It comes with an official title deed and will be auctioned off via live stream at 12 noon on Wednesday 13 December for the guide price of £2,000. To enter the auction and bid, visit

Auction House West Yorkshire is the largest and most successful auctioneer in Leeds. The company has operated since 2009 and holds seven multi-lot live streamed auctions each year, as well as online auctions every week. The company works closely with estate agent Manning Stainton, and together they provide the best property auction service in West Yorkshire. To find out more, please visit

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