First Electric Karting Experience Opening in Yorkshire Next Week

Xscape Yorkshire is the home of the North’s first multi-level electric karting experience, so it’s time to rev up your excitement and announce that Gravity’s brand new 24,000 sq ft entertainment destination is finally taking place bookings and doors will open on Friday the 21st of October. 

The £2 million e-karting experience, has been purpose-built and designed by racetrack driving professionals. A spokesperson from Xscape said, “The vehicles are the most high-powered karts on the market and feature Formula 1 steering wheels and sound effects.” 

Are you ready to race? 

Race on the all-electric go-karts through busy Japanese streets to test your skill, reflexes and nerve. Speed through the downhills into high-speed banked corners and leave your friends and family in the dust or add some high-octane excitement to your next corporate event. 

With the most high-powered e-Karts on the market, which also includes sessions for under 12s, twin karts for guardians and children, and full-speed adult karts for thrill seekers, get ready to experience multiple laps of unbridled excitement. 

Harvey Jenkinson, Co-founder and CEO of Gravity, “This is the next generation pleasure leisure-easy clean, bright, racing fun and doable on a whim. We opened our very first trampolining offer at Xscape Yorkshire back in 2015, so it’s fitting to be bringing the e-karts to Xscape Yorkshire, the first in the North.” 

“If you’re into your karting, you will absolutely love this as the tracks are designed by professional racing experts and the karts really fly. No more stalled engines and the need for a push start. If you’re new to it, there are no worries about bulky suits and bruised backs, just adrenaline-fuelled fun with friends and family.”

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