Food Poverty Charity to Open 3rd Project in Yorkshire

As the cost-of-living crisis worsens FoodCycle, the charity that aims to make food poverty, loneliness and food waste a thing of the past for every community, is opening its 3rd Project this year Yorkshire. Launching in Sheffield Broomhall on 28th September at Broomhall Centre on Broomspring Lane, the charity is in urgent need of volunteers to help run the weekly free meal providing great food and conversation every Wednesday at 12.30pm for anyone who wants to come along. 

FoodCycle Yorkshire and The Humber Regional Manager, Mathew Milner says: ” We are thrilled to be opening our 3rd Project in Yorkshire this year, introducing the magic of FoodCycle to the Sheffield community. As the rise in cost-of-living continues to hit people across the country including parents just coming out of expensive school holidays and the elderly worried about heating homes this winter, our service is more vital than ever. We look forward to providing a warm space and a nutritious, three-course meal to anyone in the community who needs it, no questions asked.”

FoodCycle Needs You

FoodCycle Sheffield Broomhall is looking to recruit new volunteers and Project Leaders. Flexible volunteer roles without a minimum time commitment are open to anyone and include surplus food coordinators, cooking, hosting and running Projects. 

Serving up free weekly community meals using food that would otherwise have gone to waste, FoodCycle is a vital service that relies on its volunteers to provide nutritious food and conversation across the UK.

When asked what motivates them to show up, 95% of FoodCycle volunteers want to help reduce food poverty; other reasons included wanting to help strengthen their local community (82%), passionate about saving food from going to waste (88%), wanting to help tackle loneliness (78%), and to meet new people (69%).

As more people become vulnerable to food poverty and food costs continue to rise, FoodCycle is seeking new volunteers to support their Projects across Yorkshire, those interested in giving up a few hours a week can visit to find their nearest FoodCycle.  

Anne Fleissig, a long-term FoodCycle Volunteer says; You learn new skills all the time in the FoodCycle kitchens, seeing other people cook and absorbing other people’s ideas. I must have gotten more confidence since I started volunteering with FoodCycle, because in my past life I would shy away leading because I’m indecisive, but it has made me think on the spot. The thing I love about FoodCycle is that no two sessions are the same and you’re doing it with a group of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, completely different to my usual group of friends. But over the years those people, the regular volunteers, have become my friends. I love food, and I love to see people eating together, sharing homemade food; and food that would be chucked if we hadn’t saved it and turned it into something delicious.”

FoodCycle’s free community meals are open to all, and guests range from low-income families, people affected by homelessness and those who cannot afford to buy food.  No questions asked, you can just turn up and take a seat.

Without volunteers, Foodcycle cannot provide a vital service to the community who have come to rely on the chance to sit down to a free, three-course meal every week. 

Opening on 28th September 2022, FoodCycle Sheffield Broomhall will take place every Wednesday from 12.30pm at Broomhall Centre on Broomsring Lane, S10 2FD

FoodCycle Yorkshire Projects: 

FoodCycle Leeds Beeston every Wednesday from 6.30pm at Hamara HLC on Tempest Street, LS11 6RD

FoodCycle Leeds Harehills every Thursday at 6.30pm at St Aiden’s Church, Roundhay Road, LS8 5QDTo sign up as a volunteer or for more information on FoodCycle visit

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