Freeklime: An Instant Hit with York Residents and Tourists

Freeklime – York’s newest bouldering centre which opened last month on Kettlestring Lane, Clifton Moor has had huge success in its first month of trading.

The centre which has so far had over 4,000 visitors through its doors has become the new home for several groups including disability charities, specialist SEND schools and several scout clubs. In addition, many businesses have partnered with Freeklime, including multinational engineering and technology company, Bosch to provide wellbeing programmes for their staff to enhance positive mental wellbeing and productivity within the workplace.

Chris Whitehead, Managing Director at Freeklime said “In the short time that Freeklime has been open, the site is performing significantly better than what we had originally expected. There’s a huge demand for what we offer with our sessions for young and older children regularly selling out. In May, we’re introducing our National Indoor Climbing Award Schemes (NIBAS) for children and young people.”  

A one-level indoor climbing gym, Freeklime boasts over 200+ climbing routes within 9,657 square feet of space. The climbing routes are changed weekly to offer visitors new and exciting challenges. The facility also has an accessible route path throughout for people (such as parents and carers) who wish to spectate instead of participating themselves, a dog-friendly light refreshment area for drinks and small snacks as well as private space for those wishing to host business and social events such as children’s birthday parties.

Chris continues “We have also been fortunate enough to form some great partnerships with local people keen to host events at Freeklime. For example, on Friday 12 May, one of our members, Luke Smithson is hosting a men’s mental health climbing social evening whilst Emily Brown is in the process of setting up a climbing social for the York LGBTQIA+ community which we hope to announce more information about shortly.”

Freeklime is also looking to collaborate with local groups to host inclusive climbing socials for neurodivergent children and adults, over 50s groups, business networks to name just a few.

Chris ends “It is a really exciting time for Freeklime, and I can’t wait to see how the brand continues to evolve over the next 12 months.”

Freeklime York is open every day, Monday to Friday 10am-10pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am-8pm. To find out more visit,

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