Harrogate to Host Everything Electric North: Promoting Electric Vehicles and Green Energy

In a concerted effort to combat climate change, the picturesque town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire is gearing up to host a major event promoting electric vehicles and green energy. Renowned for its ability to captivate the public with high-profile events, Harrogate will play host to Everything Electric North from May 24 to 26, hailed as the world’s premier home energy and electric vehicle show.

Taking place at the Yorkshire Event Centre within the Great Yorkshire Showground, the event will not only showcase cutting-edge electric vehicles but also feature discussions led by panels of experts. Among the participants will be North Yorkshire Council’s electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure officer, contributing insights on topics such as the standardization of electric vehicle charging at work and destinations, as well as the necessity of driveways for electric car ownership.

An electric car is unveiled at last year’s Everything Electric North event in Harrogate.

Barrie Mason, assistant director for highways and transport at North Yorkshire Council, emphasized the significance of the event, stating, “More and more people are turning to electric vehicles as ways of driving down the cost of motoring and helping the environment and North Yorkshire is no exception.” He further highlighted Harrogate’s leadership in embracing electric vehicles, noting, “Our aim is to encourage more people to make the move to electric vehicles and our infrastructure rollout is an important part of convincing people across the county that there is a dependable, viable alternative to petrol and diesel.”

Mason elaborated on the impact of the council’s efforts, stating, “In 2023, there were almost 11,000 charging sessions recorded, with a further 3,520 up to the end of February. This means that 340,770 miles were travelled by electric vehicles which used these facilities last year, with a further 123,475 miles covered up to the end of last month. In total, this has saved more than 175 tonnes of carbon dioxide.”

The audience listens to experts at the Everything Electric North event in Harrogate last year.

The council’s presence at Everything Electric North underscores its commitment to fostering sustainable transportation solutions. As outlined in the North Yorkshire Local Transport Plan (LTP), the council is dedicated to expanding EV infrastructure across England’s largest county.

Currently, there are 133 electric vehicle charging units in the Harrogate area, with 74 located within the town itself. The impact of this infrastructure is evident, with nearly 11,000 charging sessions recorded in 2023 and an additional 3,520 sessions up to February of this year.

As the world embraces the transition to electric mobility, events like Everything Electric North serve as catalysts for change, inspiring communities to embrace sustainable transportation alternatives. Harrogate’s hosting of this prestigious event not only solidifies its reputation as a hub for innovation but also reaffirms North Yorkshire’s commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

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