Henley Restoration Wins Contract to Restore UK’s Oldest Bank, The Roundhouse

Henley Restoration and Remedials, a Yorkshire-based restoration firm and part of the esteemed Henley Group, has secured the prestigious contract for crucial restoration work on The Roundhouse, the oldest bank in the UK, located in Evesham, Worcestershire.

Tasked with repair works in collaboration with main contractors ISG, Henley Restoration will oversee the restoration of the building’s exterior, including repairs to historic timber elements, wattle and daub lime render panels, window restorations, and a comprehensive decoration package for the façade.

The Roundhouse, constructed 568 years ago during the reign of Henry VI in the late Middle Ages, holds a distinguished status as a building of ‘exceptional interest’ as classified by Historic England. Formerly known as Booth Hall, The Roundhouse stands among a select group, with only 2.5% of listed buildings holding Grade I status, underlining the significance of the proposed restoration efforts in preserving its heritage.

Henley Restoration and Remedials specialises in facilitating repair and restoration works for heritage buildings across the UK, encompassing stonework, timber, roofing, and leadwork packages.

Tom Cardoe, Managing Director of Henley Restorations, emphasised the importance of the project, stating, “This is undoubtedly a very important building to the Evesham community, and it’s paramount that these works are carried out correctly. We are honoured to have the opportunity to undertake the vital restoration works of what is the oldest bank in the UK.”

Tom Cardoe, Managing Director of Henley Restoration and Remedials

Spencer Hall, Conservation Consultant, expressed his delight in collaborating once again with Henley Restoration and Remedials, highlighting the significance of preserving The Roundhouse for future generations. He stated, “The significance of The Round House in the context of Evesham, the surrounding area, and indeed nationally, is not to be underestimated. As a notable landmark, it contributes to the rich heritage of the area and fosters a sense of pride and connection to the past for the local community.”

The restoration project has already commenced, with Henley Restoration and ISG committed to delivering the project to Henley Group’s renowned standards.

For further information on Henley Group, please visit: Henley Group.

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