Historic Sheffield Church With Residential Redevelopment Potential Up For Auction

Sheffield’s Whitham Road Spiritualist Church, nestled in the vibrant Broomhill area of the city, is poised to embark on a new chapter as it prepares to grace the auction block this month. With a guide price ranging from £220,000 to £250,000, this historic landmark presents a compelling opportunity for redevelopment, capturing the attention of investors and visionaries alike.

Scheduled to feature prominently in the upcoming online auction hosted by Sheffield-based property auctioneer Mark Jenkinson on 27th March, the Whitham Road Spiritualist Church stands as a testament to Sheffield’s rich architectural heritage.

Occupying a prime 0.2-acre site, the 1,300 sq ft stone-built edifice enjoys a strategic location in one of Sheffield’s bustling districts, nestled in proximity to the city’s esteemed hospitals and university campuses.

Adrian Little, representing property auctioneer Mark Jenkinson, extolled the virtues of this esteemed property, remarking, “The former church is an impressive stone building on a main arterial route through the city and in a really popular area that’s within walking distance of all the major university facilities as well as the main teaching hospitals. There are also good schools in the area and an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants on the doorstep.”

He further elaborated on the potential of the site, envisioning a transformation that could potentially include much-needed residential accommodation, contingent upon the acquisition of requisite planning permissions.

Little expressed optimism regarding the level of interest surrounding the auction, highlighting the community’s anticipation for the future of this cherished landmark. “It would be fantastic to see the church remain as an asset to the community, albeit in a new identity,” he added.

The forthcoming Mark Jenkinson auction promises an array of captivating properties and plots, including the Whitham Road Spiritualist Church, offering prospective buyers an opportunity to shape the city’s landscape and preserve its historical legacy.

To participate in the auction and explore the diverse array of offerings, visit Mark Jenkinson’s website, where bidding will culminate on 27th March.

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