Huddersfield Care Home Residents Enjoy Visit From Local Fire Brigade

Residents at Lindley Grange Bupa Care Home in Huddersfield recently enjoyed a visit from Rastrick Fire Brigade, inspired by a past resident who was a firefighter himself.

Organised by Lindley Grange’s activity co-ordinator, Rebecca Crow, the visit was inspired by the legacy of a beloved past resident, John, who served as a firefighter for 35 years. During John’s time as a resident at Lindley Grange, the care home team have frequently liaised with the Rastrick Fire Station, giving John the opportunity to stay connected to an important part of his life.

Following the success of the previous visits, Rebecca Crow believed a visit from the firefighters would boost the wellbeing of Lindley Grange’s residents. The visit featured an exciting tour of a functioning fire engine from four of the local firefighting team.

Rebecca commented: “It was brilliant to welcome back the Rastrick Fire Station team, as we have such a lovely relationship with them. All the residents got a chance to go out and have a good look at the fire engine and some even sat up front in the cab. The four firefighters who visited were super, interacting with all the residents and telling them lots of interesting firefighting insights. And, of course, we had to send them off with some sweet treats to say thank you for brightening up all of our days!”

Ann Bennet, an 81-year-old resident of Lindley Grange Bupa Care Home, was one of the residents who got the chance to sit in the driver’s seat of the fire engine. She commented: “I loved the experience of being sat in the fire engine. I felt so special, and hardly wanted to get out.”

Another resident, Margaret Haigh aged 78, commented: “It was the best day of my life and I loved having my photos taken with the lovely firefighters!”

The care home team plan to continue their relationship with the firefighting team, and the residents and staff are looking forward to attending the fire station’s dementia awareness coffee morning in October, in aid of Social Inclusion and Dementia Day.

Julie Parker, home manager at Lindley Grange Bupa Care Home, commented: “We look forward to continuing to enjoy our connection with Rastrick Fire Brigade. Not only are their visits a touching moment to reflect on our past resident John and recall his wonderful legacy, but they are also a positive enrichment opportunity for our current residents.”

Lindley Grange Bupa Care Home is situated in Huddersfield and welcomes residents in need of nursing or residential care, including those living with dementia and Parkinson’s. For further information, please visit

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