Leeds Anticipates Historic MONOPOLY Takeover: A City-Wide Extravaganza!

Leeds, renowned for its vibrant cultural tapestry and rich history, is poised to make gaming history yet again with the arrival of a groundbreaking event – the MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover. In a world-first initiative, the city will be transformed into a colossal game board, paying homage to its illustrious past as the birthplace of the UK edition of the iconic MONOPOLY board game.

The roots of this extraordinary event trace back to Waddingtons, the esteemed British manufacturer of board games and playing cards, which called Leeds home. From the 1930s, Waddingtons crafted the UK version of MONOPOLY, introducing players worldwide to the famous London properties enshrined in the game.

L/R Family member Sally Watson-West, Martin Hamilton Director Leeds Civic Trust, Family member John Watson, Andrew Cooper LeedsBID Chief Executive , Matthew Storey Principal Keeper Leeds City Museum

Under the auspices of LeedsBID and with the blessing of Hasbro, MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover promises an immersive experience like no other. From rolling the dice to acquiring properties, families can traverse the city streets, encountering giant tokens, deciphering clues, and solving puzzles at every turn.

Andrew Cooper, Chief Executive of LeedsBID, shared his enthusiasm, stating:

“As we celebrate our tenth year, we are thrilled to bring a world-first event to Leeds that resonates deeply with our city’s heritage. In collaboration with Hasbro, a global titan in toys and games, we are set to breathe life into MONOPOLY on an unprecedented scale. With its origins rooted in Leeds, Waddingtons played a pivotal role in bringing the iconic London streets into countless homes. We eagerly anticipate families exploring Leeds’ own versions of Old Kent Road, Pall Mall, and Mayfair.”

As the countdown to the MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover commences, the city prepares for a summer filled with MONOPOLY-themed activities. This week marks the unveiling of a permanent exhibition at Leeds City Museum, showcasing the captivating story of Waddingtons and its enduring legacy. From vintage editions of MONOPOLY to rare collectibles, visitors will embark on a journey through time, discovering the evolution of these beloved games.

Councillor Jonathan Pryor of Leeds City Council remarked:

“Leeds boasts a storied history as a hub for board game innovation, a facet of our heritage that sets us apart. Our museum’s collection stands as a testament to this legacy, and this summer presents a unique opportunity to celebrate our city’s pivotal role in board game history while indulging in a series of entertaining events.”

In addition to the museum exhibition, Leeds Civic Trust will honor Waddingtons’ legacy with a blue plaque at Layton Grange in Horsforth, the site where the inaugural game of MONOPOLY in the UK unfolded. Set to be unveiled in September, the plaque will serve as a lasting tribute to Leeds’ enduring connection to this global phenomenon.

Martin Hamilton, Director of Leeds Civic Trust, reflected on the significance of this commemoration, stating:

“Waddingtons and MONOPOLY are synonymous with Leeds, embodying our city’s cultural resonance on a national and global scale. It is truly remarkable to consider that the inaugural game of MONOPOLY took place right here in Horsforth, Leeds.”

The Waddingtons and the MONOPOLY Story exhibition beckons visitors to Leeds City Museum, offering a captivating glimpse into the history of these iconic games. Meanwhile, anticipation mounts for the MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover, scheduled from 27th July to 1st September.

For further details and updates on this extraordinary event, visit monopolyleeds.com and follow @monopolyleeds on social media. Don’t miss the opportunity to partake in this historic occasion, where the streets of Leeds become the ultimate game board for a summer of unforgettable fun!

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