National Ice Cube Day Launched To Encourage In-Person Get Togethers This Summer

A new awareness day has been launched by the Official Awareness Days Calendar, initiated by Europe’s largest ice manufacturer and supplier, The Ice Co.

National Ice Cube Day on 21st June aims to get the nation together with their family and friends, in-person, to have a catch-up over a drink. This comes as a recent survey from The Ice Co has revealed that over three-quarters of Brits believe as a nation, we’ve lost the art of conversation – we have become more reliant on instant messaging rather than socialising over a drink in-person.

The survey also uncovered the extent to which Brits announce important, personal news via text, as opposed to a phone call or, better yet, in-person; one in six said they would tell friends and family about getting engaged via text, and a further 11% said they would even text to announce a pregnancy.

Food, drink and lifestyle brands are being encouraged to get involved in National Ice Cube Day by raising a glass and toasting to the occasion and sharing it with #NationalIceCubeDay on their social media channels.

Lucy Redman, Head of Marketing at The Ice Co, commented: “Nothing says summer get together more than the sound of ice cubes clinking in the glass, right? Ice cubes are always present in standout occasions and celebrations as drinks, whether alcoholic or a soft drink, are at the centre of almost everything.

“We campaigned to have this day in the height of summer when the days are longer, people are out and about doing more and it’s a time with lots of social occasions with friends and family – like BBQs, al-fresco dining, picnics in the park, time on the beach and staycations.”

The brand now wants other businesses to get involved in this national day, by sharing their own #NationalIceCubeDay appreciation post with their favourite ice-cold drink in-hand!

For more information on National Ice Cube Day, visit The Ice Co website here.

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