North Yorkshire Council Launches Search for New Operator for Waterpark in Scarborough

Scarborough’s iconic Alpamare waterpark is poised for a comeback as North Yorkshire Council launches a hunt for a new operator to breathe life back into the beloved attraction.

With hopes high for a grand reopening in time for the summer 2024 season, the council has embarked on a mission to find the perfect candidate to take the reins of the popular destination.

The council’s intervention comes on the heels of Benchmark Leisure Ltd, the previous tenant, slipping into administration last December. Now, with the site under its stewardship, North Yorkshire Council is determined to restore the waterpark to its former glory.

In a bid to swiftly revive the site, a three-week search has been initiated to identify an operator willing to commit to a short-term 12-month rental agreement. This interim arrangement will pave the way for comprehensive deliberations on the future operational strategy for the waterpark.

Kerry Metcalfe, North Yorkshire Council’s assistant director for commercial, property, and procurement, expressed the council’s resolve, stating, “We are working hard to confirm a new tenant to reopen the facility in time for the main 2024 summer season. Once that is in place, we can look to the longer-term options.”

Situated off Burniston Road, the Alpamare waterpark boasts a myriad of attractions, including a wave pool, splash and play areas, four cutting-edge slides, outdoor pools, an alpine-themed spa and treatment zone, and a cafĂ© and terrace bar. Since its inception in 2016, the waterpark has been a beacon of leisure and excitement, commanding breathtaking views of Scarborough’s North Bay.

For those interested in seizing this exciting opportunity, further details regarding the search for a potential operator can be obtained by reaching out to

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