North Yorkshire Residents Urged To Have Their Say On New Social Housing Policy

A consultation on a new policy to underpin the way in which social housing is allocated across North Yorkshire starts today (Monday, September 4).

Residents and landlords are being asked to have their say on the draft housing allocation policy which includes a unified one ‘Home Choice’ scheme for the county. 

In April, when all eight councils in North Yorkshire became one unitary authority, the new council inherited two schemes for allocating social housing – a standalone scheme for the former Harrogate borough area, and the North Yorkshire Home Choice scheme which covers the remainder of the county.

But from April 2025 the council must have a single policy and allocations scheme for North Yorkshire.

The ‘choice based lettings’ system will allow applicants and tenants to bid for homes across the county giving them greater choice and the registered providers, which includes housing associations such as Broadacres Housing Association, Yorkshire Housing and Beyond Housing, a central hub for advertising available homes.

The consultation will run until November 27, giving people the chance to complete a survey which asks for views on income and saving levels permitted for applicants, local connections and exemptions, rural initiatives, assessed needs and the chance to bid across the county area.

North Yorkshire Council’s executive member for housing, Cllr Simon Myers, said: “By creating a new social housing allocations policy we will create a single, unified social housing allocations scheme, which will be beneficial to all our tenants and applicants.

“However, it is important we get the views of our proposals for a new policy from all existing applicants on the current schemes, as well as our partners, and this consultation aims to do just that. We hope everyone will take part and attend the face-to-face sessions if they need more information.”

As a result of local government reorganisation, North Yorkshire Council has two years to align all its housing policies.

The consultation, which runs until November 27, can be accessed here:

Paper copies of the survey are available on request by calling 0300 131 2131 or from your local library. The information can also be provided in a different format or language.

There is also an open meeting at Harrogate Civic Centre from 4pm to 8pm on Wednesday, October 4, where everyone is welcome.

For more information go to

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