Over 75% of Yorkshire’s Football Fans Want the Introduction of Salary Caps

A survey commissioned by 888sport, the official betting partner of the NFL in the UK and Ireland, has found that just over three quarters of football fans from Yorkshire would support the introduction of salary caps.

The survey posed a variety of norms from the NFL and asked football fans in the UK if they’d like to see them put into practice domestically, with the introduction of salary caps, half-time entertainment and referee communication topping the chart of things soccer should align with American football on.

The introduction of salary caps is controversial among fans, but in Yorkshire there is a clear preference in support of one over unlimited salaries. 76% of respondents were in agreement, with just 14% opting for unlimited salaries and 10% with no preference.

65% of Yorkshire’s soccer fans would like to see a performance at the interval, like that in operation stateside, while just over the same percentage agreed that the referee should communicate their decisions to the crowd.

The survey also concluded that 59% would support introducing a rule which would stop the clock when the ball is out of play, taking the decision for extra time out of the referee’s hands and avoiding time wasting.

On the back of Chelsea owner Todd Boehly’s comments around the introduction of an All-Star game, the audience were also asked if they would watch the American’s idea, but just 25% of Yorkshire’s fans stated they would.

An 888sport spokesperson said: “The fanfare around the three NFL London games shows just how big American Football has become in this country and as the official betting partner of the NFL in the UK and Ireland, we were keen to find out what aspects of it would be welcomed in our national sport, football.

“The results certainly suggest that football could learn a thing or two from the NFL, with the introduction of salary caps, half-time entertainment and more communication from referees to the crowd, in particular, popular amongst those living in Yorkshire.”

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