Putting the Pedal to the Metal with New Track Solution in Thirsk

Exploring the beauty of the UK has always been a popular pastime, and in recent years, the use of bike tracks in national parks has emerged as a compelling way to experience the great outdoors and promote physical fitness.

One such park is the Sutton Bank National Park Centre, near Thirsk, where a much-loved track has been in use for many years by BMX enthusiasts and pro cyclists.

Due to its use, however, the track had become uneven with poor irrigation to contend with, and a specialist material solution was needed to improve the entire area for safety and longevity purposes. Aggregate Industries came to the rescue with SuperSport Track, a bespoke product designed specifically to endure wear and tear.

Photo shows: L-R Steve Taylor from Bike Track and Ian Chadwick from Aggregate Industries

Phil Walker, Territory Sales Manager, at Aggregate Industries, said: “When planning and constructing this particular bike track upgrade, it was essential to consider factors such as proper drainage to prevent water pooling, regular maintenance, and all year-round safety.”

Working in close collaboration with the company Bike Track, the team at Aggregate Industries drew on their expertise to design and develop a unique and sustainable solution that would ensure that durability, safety and a consistently smooth surface material would bring smiles to the faces of many riders for years to come.

Phil adds: “Using 10 percent recycled asphalt, its sustainable and hard-wearing durability offers a consistently smooth and speedy surface for high specification pump tracks and leisure circuits. “In total, 36 tonnes of SuperSport Track were laid to all the lanes on the track, which weave, curve and interlink to provide a stimulating ride.”

All those involved in the project agreed it truly is a Super Track!

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