Scarborough Set to Sparkle with Summer Festivals Showcasing Local Talent

This summer, Scarborough is gearing up to host an eclectic mix of art and live performances as it welcomes two major festivals that are set to highlight the town’s rich creative scene. As part of the year-round Scarborough Fair cultural initiative, Scarborough Art and Scarborough Fringe promise to captivate both visitors and locals alike with their diverse and exciting programmes.

Scarborough Art will run from 15th June to 4th August, transforming venues across the town into vibrant hubs of creativity. From the Shakespeare Gallery to local pubs, hotels, and even churches, the festival will feature an array of exhibitions and live events. Attendees can expect to see works ranging from paintings and sculptures to photography and printmaking, with themes spanning social history, environmental sustainability, space, and comic books.

Festival director Julian Caddy with artists Claire Ward, left, and Lydia Hann, right, who will be exhibiting at the Shakespeare Gallery at Scarborough Art.

Among the highlights are the works of multimedia artist Claire Ward and Lydia Hann, who utilises wool, textile industry waste, and natural materials in her creations. Both artists will be showcasing their pieces at the Shakespeare Gallery, adding a unique touch to the festival’s lineup.

Running from 21st to 30th June, Scarborough Fringe will be the town’s inaugural fringe festival, bringing an impressive variety of performances to unconventional spaces like the indoor market and local pubs. The festival will include theatre, music, comedy, spoken word, and children’s shows, ensuring there is something for everyone. Some events will be free, while others will require tickets.

Among the international acts gracing the festival are “Esther’s Revenge,” an interactive play from Nigeria, and “WATCHING, Ceci n’est pas de Deux,” a dance and puppetry performance from the Netherlands. These award-winning pieces are set to bring a global flair to Scarborough’s local festivities.

Members of Any Suggestions, Doctor?, who will be performing their improvised Doctor Who parody at Scarborough Fringe this summer

Festival director Julian Caddy expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming events, stating, “These are entirely open-access festivals, meaning that anyone can take part, regardless of perspective and experience. Scarborough Art will feature everything from paintings and sculpture to photography and printmaking and is perfect for art lovers of all ages who will enjoy a day filled with creativity and inspiration.”

He added, “Scarborough Fringe will offer a diverse range of performances, exhibitions, and events at this first-of-its-kind event. Whether a seasoned culture lover or a curious newcomer, this festival promises an unforgettable experience that will stay with everyone attending long after the final curtain falls.”

For detailed listings and ticket information for both festivals, visit Scarborough Fair.

As the summer sun shines down on Scarborough, these festivals are poised to light up the town with creativity and culture, offering a perfect opportunity to celebrate and engage with the arts. Don’t miss out on what promises to be a highlight of Scarborough’s summer calendar.

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