Small Businesses in North Yorkshire Set to Benefit from £1 Million in Funding

Alex Brown

Small and micro businesses in North Yorkshire, the backbone of the region’s economy, are poised to reap the rewards of a significant funding boost totalling £1 million. Administered by North Yorkshire Council through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, this financial injection aims to bolster business growth, productivity, and resilience across the county.

The small business grant scheme offers grants ranging from £1,000 to £10,000, providing vital support to enterprises that form 98 per cent of North Yorkshire’s economic landscape. This initiative marks the second round of grants, building upon the success of the previous cycle which saw £750,000 awarded to businesses throughout the county.

Alex Brown

One beneficiary of this support is Alex Brown, a Selby-based videographer, who received £4,300 to upgrade his equipment, including investing in a drone. This upgrade not only enhanced the quality of his services but also opened doors to lucrative opportunities, such as securing commissions from a prestigious German international TV news channel.

Reflecting on the impact of the grant, Mr Brown commented, “The fact I’ve got a better camera which is Netflix-approved means people will be getting a better product. I’ve had two jobs already that I simply wouldn’t have been able to do had I not had the funding, so that’s great.”

Annie Richardson, a sports therapist based in Ampleforth, also witnessed transformative changes within her business following a grant of £2,475. Utilising the funds to upgrade her treatment equipment, including a safer and more stable plinth, Richardson noted a significant improvement in client comfort and confidence, leading to an expansion in her client base.

“The two pieces of equipment together have greatly helped my business,” Richardson remarked. “It has made a huge difference to the clients’ comfort and confidence and my ability to help people with confidence and safety.”

Annie Richardson

Recognising the pivotal role of small businesses in North Yorkshire’s economic ecosystem, Cllr Carl Les, Council Leader and Chair of the SPF Board in North Yorkshire, expressed delight at the scheme’s continuation. With an increased funding allocation and enhanced application processes, the council aims to support a diverse range of enterprises, including sole traders, start-ups, and social enterprises.

“We are delighted to open this grant scheme once again after seeing such a positive uptake for the first round,” Cllr Les stated. “Hundreds of small businesses applied for funding and accessed support and we hope to work with even more this year – including sole traders, start-ups, home businesses and social enterprises as well as landlords and people looking to diversify their farm businesses and limited companies.”

To assist businesses in navigating the application process, the York and North Yorkshire Growth Hub, in collaboration with Enterprise Cube, is organising webinars on writing business plans and cash flow forecasts, scheduled for May 16 and 17.

Carolyn Frank, Development Manager at the York and North Yorkshire Federation of Small Businesses, hailed the scheme as a practical collaboration between local authorities and partners, unlocking government funding directly to businesses. She emphasised the importance of tailored local support for small businesses, citing the transformative impact of grants and business support initiatives.

“This scheme has provided a practical way that the local authorities have been able to work together with us and other partners to unlock Government funding and get it directly to businesses in our area, to help them to innovate and grow,” Frank commented. “It is exciting to see the transformations taking place across so many small businesses thanks to the small business grants and other business support.”

Small businesses interested in accessing the grant scheme are encouraged to apply before the closing date on Friday, July 12. Further information and application details can be found here.

As North Yorkshire continues to foster a thriving environment for small businesses, initiatives like the small business grant scheme serve as catalysts for innovation, growth, and economic prosperity across the region.

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