The Most Popular Work-From-Home Jobs in the UK

Over the past couple of years, more and more people have turned to work from home. Considering there are so many jobs and careers that don’t require you to be in the office, why go into one when you can do the same job from your couch?

Nowadays, you can do everything from forex trading to making a video game and publishing a book without leaving your home. Here are a few of the most popular work-from-home jobs in the UK. 

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of those jobs that requires time and effort, but also not much input from anyone besides yourself. Once you have a brief and someone to message if you have questions, you can do it from anywhere. 

It also doesn’t require a ton of specialised equipment besides a laptop/PC and a digital drawing pad. You can design in bed, at a coffee shop, or in the garden. 


Writing and editing are famously two of the best and most popular WFH jobs. You don’t need to be in an office constantly reporting to anyone, and as long as you have good time management skills, you will never miss a deadline. 

Virtual Assistant 

Being a virtual assistant is another old-school, work-from-home profession armed with a diary, a notebook and a laptop; many people sit at home and organise the lives of others. While the hours can be tough sometimes, you still have the freedom of not needing to go into an office to work. 

Online Teacher

Over the past few years, university graduates have become TEFL qualified and teach English online. You can set your own hours, you can make really good money, and it is something you can take overseas with you if you wish. 

There are hundreds of platforms that let you teach students across Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Asia. 

Customer Service Representative 

Customer service is one of the most outsourced jobs in the world. Many companies will use agencies that hire representatives who, more often than not, work from home. It is an easy job to get into, even if you lack experience. 

Once again, if you work from home, you will often have to work strange hours, but you can still earn a decent salary. You also usually don’t need anything more than a laptop, setting the point of entry very low. 

Travel Agent 

Even though you see travel agencies everywhere, it is another job that has gone the WFH route. With booking platforms and customers doing almost all the work themselves, there is less need for travel offices. 

Depending on the market you are serving, you may need to be available throughout the night and work night shifts, but the work doesn’t usually exceed answering queries, providing quotes and doing some online booking yourself. 


Back in the day, bookkeepers would sit at their desks or in their offices and trawl through all the numbers and financials of a company. Nowadays, with dozens of booking platforms and everything being online, a bookkeeper can do the same job while having breakfast in bed. 

Bookkeeping has always been popular with stay-at-home parents, as you can become qualified online and earn a decent living while working at home. 


If you are a developer or coder, you will know that there is often no need to be in an office to do your job. Even with collaborative projects, it is very easy to sit and code in your home office, and sometimes it’s easier than doing it at work. 

Coding, in general, has seen a spike over the past couple of years, and people have turned to freelance and offering their services online, working for themselves at home. 


Petsitting is another job that has increased in popularity recently. People with busy schedules, such as students or stay-at-home parents, offer their home and time to owners who need their pets taken care of for a period of time. 

You don’t need much to start, just free time and a few dog and cat beds, and your time. It is very flexible, you can stop and start whenever you want, and business can be very consistent, especially over the holidays. 

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