Theakston Old Peculier named one of the UK’s best beers

A beer from Yorkshire brewery T&R Theakston has been highlighted as one of the top UK ales in a new book from renowned beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones, titled United Kingdom of Beer.

The brewery’s much-loved Old Peculier brew – a 5.6% dark ruby red ale with tasting notes of black cherry and banana – has been described by Tierney-Jones as “a beer that gives you faith in the virtues and visions of greatness that good beer can bring.”

Old Peculier takes its name from Masham’s historic Court of the Peculier, and for many years was affectionately referred to as Yorkshire’s “Lunatic’s Broth”, on account of its high ABV.

United Kingdom of Beer takes readers on a journey across the British Isles, exploring 250 of the finest beers available in bottles and cans. The book offers a comprehensive overview of the types and styles of beer available in modern Britain, complete with tasting notes and background stories about each beer, as well as a look into how to pair the beers with food, mood and occasion.

Simon Theakston, managing director of Theakston Brewery said: “The original Old Peculier recipe has been long lost in the mists of time, though its inheritance has been faithfully passed down from generation to generation and, as far as anyone can say, has remained completed unchanged over all these years.

“With such a long legacy behind it, the ale is a highly valued heirloom and it’s fantastic to know that it’s still as popular and highly-thought of now as it was all those years ago. As one of our core range of legendary ales, it has grown an almost cult-like following not just in the UK, but across the world. Long may it continue.”

Speaking about the book, Adrian Tierney-Jones said: “Whether on a day out or meeting up with friends, extraordinary beer helps to make great days even better. Coming out of the pandemic, 2022 is a fantastic year to enjoy the many delights that the exceptional breweries across the UK have to offer.

“I am thrilled and delighted to use my expertise to select and share the best beers from around the UK – including Theakston’s Old Peculier – with readers who are as passionate about beer as I am.”

The United Kingdom of Beer is the latest book from the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), creators of the Good Beer Guide. It is available to pre-order now.

To find out more about T&R Theakston, visit:

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