Two Yorkshire Artists Commissioned to Design Temporary Tattoos for International Brand, Tarttu

Based in Saltaire and Bingley, artists Abbi Goode and Megan Carter are the latest designers to be commissioned to create wearable art to be sold internationally by Tarttu – a British creative brand that helps people express themselves through temporary tattoo art.

Two of 30 designers selected from hundreds who applied, Abbi and Megan are the only artists from Yorkshire chosen to create wearable art for Tarttu.

Abbi Goode

Both Abbi and Megan were keen to work with Tarttu to explore their love of the natural world through a different print form. Abbi’s final design which she named Painted Moth Duo is part of Tarttu’s Insects & Animals collection whilst Megan’s Cute Flower design can be found in the botanicals collection.

Abbi Goode’s design

Abbi says:

“As a freelancer, I love working with independents and supporting small businesses. I was excited to hear about Tarttu as I’d not worked on anything like it before! It was an exciting challenge and I loved it.”

Megan Carter

Megan continues:

 “I love how contemporary tattoo designs have evolved into beautiful pieces of decorative art and I have often thought that it would be great to design a tattoo. I was really excited to get the opportunity to design for Tarttu.”

Tarttu was founded in 2023 by Katie Davison, after struggling to find beautiful and adult-themed temporary tattoos on the market. Katie explains:

 “I wanted to develop a business knowing that working with other creative folks would inspire a wonderful and diverse range of temporary tattoos. Coming from that design background myself, it was a project in the wings for many years.  Designers often are anonymous in retail and my thoughts were strongly focused on building a business which always thanked its creative members.  Design runs through my veins and seeing creative works take form on the body felt like a great way to express yourself.  So many times, I’ve bought a temporary tattoo for my children, thinking why can’t grown-ups have one too?  Not one that’s a typical snake and dagger, but one that evokes beauty, design, creativity, and expression through those who created it.  I love the part of our business which lets you explore beauty through this medium, it’s great fun, I also get the chance to design some of the ranges myself.”

Megan’s temporary tattoo

Currently home to over 50 wearable art designs including botanicals, insects, positive affirmations, and zodiac signs, Tarttu is fast becoming one of the most recognisable brands for people looking to express their individuality through body art.  

Katie continues “People love exploring and talking about the stories behind their purchases. Our tattoo ranges have the designer’s story to read and explore, each with a nice story to tell. This makes our ranges broad and diverse in style. Expression is also vital today, with festivals, music events and social gatherings constantly being thrust into our lives, temporary tattoos are a fast-growing market where expression and expressing yourself is all part of everyday life – people want to celebrate themselves.”

Tarttu is always looking to collaborate with new designers and has recently formed partnerships with creatives based internationally.

To find out more about Tarttu, Abbi Goode and Megan Carter visit

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