Unique Pregnancy & Wellness Clinic to Open in Harrogate this Weekend

After years of planning, pregnancy and wellness clinic Cocoon Harrogate will open its doors on Saturday (3rd February) with appointment bookings now open. The lovingly-renovated space, based off Victoria Avenue, will offer private scans, midwifery care and wellness support to families at all stages of their pregnancy journeys.

The new clinic offers a calm and comforting environment for practical and therapeutic support including pregnancy and fertility scans, midwifery care, therapy, coaching and support. The first of its kind, Cocoon is the only clinic offering these services in Harrogate and the surrounding areas.

Cocoon was founded by Sam Naughton, former Head of Communications at Taylors of Harrogate. She was inspired to create Cocoon following her own path to parenthood and experiences with private scans in the region. Sam explains:

“In 2022, our beautiful baby boy Alby was born. But, as is sadly the case for so many families, our journey to his arrival wasn’t linear. Previously, our baby, Willow, died at just 10 weeks and as a result I had lots of private scans and appointments during my pregnancy with Alby. These were a real mixed bag in terms of the care we received and the environments we found ourselves in.

“While on maternity leave, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there had to be a better way. I imagined a clinic that nurtured and supported parents at every stage: practical elements such as ultrasound scans sitting alongside therapeutic services such as grief and bereavement therapy, life-coaching and mentoring, plus helpful, down-to-earth workshops on positive birthing, self-advocacy, parenting and paediatric first aid. I wanted to create somewhere that was inclusive and accessible to all families, all emotions and all outcomes. We’re also hearing from women who are feeling anxious or worried in the weeks and months after their baby has been born – and this is something we’re able to help with. 

“After years of planning and many months of work, we’ve created exactly that. Cocoon felt like the perfect name and I’m so proud of the team we have here. Harrogate is the perfect home for Cocoon, it’s such a beautiful place and clients can even tie in afternoon tea at Mama Doreens or Bettys to make the occasion extra special.”

The Team at Cocoon Left to right – Katie Norman, Gemma Ingles, Sam Naughton, Penny Halmshaw, Kate Mortimer

Sam has hand-picked a team of five kind-natured, expert specialists to offer the wide range of services available at Cocoon. The clinic has partnered with local organisation, Taking Baby Steps, who will be on-site at the clinic two days a week offering invaluable support to families pre, during and post-pregnancy. And Harrogate Acupuncturist, Bryony Griffiths, will also be based at the clinic Monday to Thursday, specialising in pregnancy and fertility acupuncture.

Appointments are now available to book online now at https://cocoonhgt.as.me/ and further information is available at www.cocoon-hgt.com. You can follow @cocoon_hgt on Instagram for updates.

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