York Gin bounces back just days after six-figure spirits theft

York Gin – which suffered a major break-in at its distillery in late June – is back up and running. 

After a ‘monumental’ effort at the Poppleton distillery, the company has now replenished stocks of their range of award-winning gins. 

This means the company is once again fulfilling trade orders, yorkgin.com is back open for business, and the two York Gin shops are open as normal.

Thieves broke into the York Gin distillery on the weekend of 25 to 26 June, making off with thousands of miniature and full-size bottles. The losses run into six figures.

Co-founder and director Emma Godivala said: ‘To suffer such a serious break-in was a bit soul-destroying for all of us. We’re an independent, small business working our socks off to make a success of things – and to be targeted like this felt like a kick in the teeth.

‘But within a couple of hours of finding out about the raid, we were rolling our sleeves up, cracking on – and the whole team have done us proud. The effort has been monumental.

‘We even had a former employee – Harri Marshall – volunteering on her day off from her new job at the Theatre Royal. It’s a real testament to how much we all love York Gin that we’re back on our feet so quickly.’

Emma also said the local community, customers and fellow distillers have been a huge support. 

‘Customers have been pre-ordering on yorkgin.com ahead of us starting deliveries again this week. And we’ve had support from lots of fellow gin makers. All in all it’s been really touching to know we have so many people rooting for us,’ she said.

If you have any information about this crime – and if you witness any suspicious activity of York Gin being sold cheaply – you should contact North Yorkshire Police on 101. The crime number is NYP270620220070.

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