Yorkshire Holiday Park Receives Top Marks in Company Survey

Barmston Beach Holiday Park has received top marks for Service and Quality Focus, Innovation, and Engagement in the 2023 Parkdean Resorts People Engagement Survey.

In a company-wide survey for the UK’s leading holiday park operator, 100% of employees at Barmston Beach agreed with the statements, ‘Given the Health and Safety protocols, I feel safe at work’, ‘At Parkdean Resorts we act on promising new or innovative ideas’, and ‘I am proud to work for Parkdean Resorts’, delivering a ringing endorsement for management at the park.

In total, more than 5,500 full-time Parkdean Resorts employees completed the survey, with favourable engagement standing at 81%, up 3 points on 2022’s results, and a massive 16 points higher than the industry average for the hospitality sector. Across the company, 94% of all employees agreed with the statement, “I know what I need to do to be successful in my role,” 93% said “Given the Health & Safety protocols, I feel safe at work,” and 92% agreed that “My manager genuinely cares about my wellbeing.”

84% of employees also agreed that Parkdean Resorts is committed to caring for its Parks, People and Planet – 29 points higher than the hospitality sector 2023 benchmark – while the company’s flexible working initiatives have proved to be particularly popular with older team members, as 90% of people aged 55-64 agreed that “I am able to arrange time out from work when I need to,” while 87% would recommend Parkdean Resorts as a great place to work.

Barmston Beach employs 55 people in peak season, and earlier this year, Parkdean Resorts announced a recruitment drive to hire 11,000 people, including cleaners, bar staff, chefs, kitchen team members, waiting staff, receptionists, lifeguards, and security officers.

Across its 66 award-winning parks, Parkdean Resorts welcomed more than 3.5million holidaymakers last year, who delivered record customer feedback scores of 4.4/5 on TripAdvisor, 4.3/5 on Facebook and 4.0/5 on Google. At the 21/22 British Travel Awards, the public also voted Parkdean Resorts as the Best Company for UK Family Holidays, Best Company for UK Parks and Lodges Holidays and Best Company for UK Breaks Holidays.

Lisa Charles-Jones, HR Director, Parkdean Resorts, said: “We want to create the right working environment to grow a stable workforce, and these encouraging results echo the overall increase in engagement across the business. We can’t deliver brilliant experiences for our guests without having a happy team, so this survey is hugely important to help us understand how our teams are feeling, and what we need to work on in the future.”

With 250 different job roles available in its business across the country, a job at Parkdean Resorts can lead to a life-long career in hospitality. The company is an Ofsted-accredited employer, providing qualifications ranging from Level 2 to Level 5, the equivalent of a Foundation Degree, to hundreds of employees every year. Additionally, through a partnership with Cranfield University, the company has created a first-of-its-kind Mastering Business Leadership programme, providing elite leadership and management training for future leaders within the business. The business is also one of more than 300 companies throughout the UK who have signed up to support Hospitality Rising, a new campaign aimed at tackling the industry’s staffing crisis.

Parkdean Resorts recently announced a partnership with The Prince’s Trust, as part of its commitment to embrace younger generations. Parks will join the ‘Get Hired’ scheme to help young people who are struggling to find the right job opportunities, and will participate in the Trust’s “Get Into” programme by offering 2 to 4-week schemes which give young people an insight into the world of work and give them direct work experience within an industry.

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