Yorkshire Property Firm Changes Lives of Couple Living on £12 a Day

This month on Channel 5’s Rich House Poor House, two families with contrasting lifestyles and finances swapped lives.

Mansfield couple, Heather and Brad Robertson opened up about their financial struggles, especially when it came to childcare – which had led them to be £12,000 in debt.

In the episode, the couple swapped lives with Abi Hookway, Managing Director of leading UK property firm, Redmayne Smith. Abi’s personal experience, as a divorced mum of two who has also struggled with debt in the past, meant she was understanding of the couple’s circumstances and the impact it can have.

Abi, along with CEO of Redmayne Smith, Gordie Dutfield, who also featured in the programme, was shocked at how much Heather and Brad spent on outgoings and hatched a plan to help.

At the end of the episode, Abi and Gordie presented the couple with a life-changing offer – to relocate to Doncaster and work for the company. Heather, with a background in HR, was offered an HR position, whilst Brad was offered a position in the sales team.

The couple beamed after hearing the news, before quickly accepting their new full-time roles. This month, the couple started their new jobs at Redmayne Smith in Doncaster and say the offer is “life-changing”.

Abi Hookway, Managing Director at Redmayne Smith adds “It was difficult to see how much Heather and Brad were struggling with their finances and outgoings, and I’m thrilled we were able to offer them both the opportunity to work with us at Redmayne Smith.”

For more information on Redmayne Smith and how it helps individuals build wealth through property investment, visit www.redmaynesmith.co.uk

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