Yorkshire Vet Peter Wright meets Lake Wobegon Brass Band from USA

A group of 49 band members, partners and friends from Lake Wobegon Brass Band, Minnesota USA (http://lwbb.org/) visited the World of James Herriot on Tuesday 21st June and were welcomed by Peter Wright star of Channel 5’s The Yorkshire Vet TV series. Peter gave a brief presentation about the history of the house and surgery and the part he played working with Alf Wight (James Herriot).

The Band is on a UK tour taking in Cornwall and Herriot Country in North Yorkshire. This is the first time they have visited The World of James Herriot, partly because the trip organiser is a big James Herriot and Yorkshire Vet fan. Kate Pawlett, director of the World of James Herriot made the arrangements for Peter Wright to meet the group who then played next to the Alf Wight (James Herriot) statue in the gardens. After the visit, they went on a tour of Thirsk town Centre before departing for Newby Hall & Gardens, a fellow Herriot Country Tourism Group member, for an outdoor concert in the afternoon.

“This is the most lively of our recent overseas guest visits this summer, demonstrating that the World of James Herriot is becoming a key destination for visitors from other countries. The sound of the Band in the garden on a sunny morning was wonderful and showed how good the acoustics are out there.” comments Ian Ashton, managing director, World of James Herriot.
The famous Red Door entrance and the bronze statue of Alf Wight, ‘James Herriot,’ were both focal points for photo-calls and many other visitors to the attraction were able to share the occasion. 

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