Young Carers have a splashing time!

Young carers from the Harrogate area have been enjoying paddleboard and kayak activities with Carers’ Resource and Learn To Paddle during the summer holidays.

The young carers played lots of games in the water; they gave each other lifts on their paddleboards and kayaks and quickly built their confidence and teamwork skills.

Linda Hall, Young Carer Worker with Carers’ Resource, based in Harrogate, said: “It was our first time paddleboarding and kayaking with young carers and such a positive experience.

“The activities brought the young carers closer together and helped nurture new friendships. All of them had a fantastic time and got stuck in to every activity. Thank you to Lynne and the wonderful team at Learn To Paddle.”

One young carer, Bethany, said: “It was fun to be on the water relaxing with friends, a change from a stressful time at home through lockdown.”

Another young carer, Elliot said: “It was a new and extraordinary experience with really nice coaches and I would definitely do it again!”

Learn To Paddle is based in Yorkshire and offers coaching and support for paddleboarding, canoeing and kayaking. They teach all abilities from the age of five upwards. Lynne also specialises in coaching for autism, anxiety, mental health and wellbeing, and learning difficulties. Learn To Paddle offers family sessions, one-on-ones, skill progression, and rescue drills and safety. For more information go to

To find out more about services for young carers at Carers’ Resource, go to

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