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8 Quiz Questions Only People From Leeds Will Be Able To Answer


We know that Leeds is a great place to visit and offers a huge variety of things to see and do, whether you’re a local resident or a just visiting for the day. From bustling city centre shopping arcades and trendy restaurants to fascinating museums and beautiful examples of Victorian architecture, there really is something for everyone in this great Yorkshire city.

However, we want to know exactly how much you know about Leeds! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be testing your knowledge with a series of short quizzes.

Here’s the first quiz…

Leeds' first department store opened on Boar Lane in 1888. What was it called?

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Who designed Leeds Town Hall?

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Which renowned 19th century author, described Leeds as "an odious place"?

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The Royal Armouries in Leeds has the biggest example of animal armour in the world. What animal was it for?

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Which UK Prime Minister was born in Leeds?

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Roundhay Park is one of the largest city parks in Europe. How big is it?

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Marks & Spencer was founded shortly after Michael Marks opened a penny bazaar stall in Leeds. Where was his stall?

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Which British monarch opened Leeds Civic Hall?

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8 Quiz Questions Only People From Leeds Will Be Able To Answer
You don't know Leeds at all, do you? Nevermind!
Could do better!
Not bad but you're far from being an expert on our great city.
Good effort!
Well done! You seem to know plenty about Leeds and its fascinating history
Full house!
Excellent! You obviously know your stuff and love Leeds as much as we do!

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