4 Best Tattoo Studios in Sheffield

If you’re thinking of getting inked but don’t want to end up on the next series of tattoo fixers, it’s important to find the best tattoo artist before you commit to your new body art.

Fear not, there are plenty of great tattoo studios in Sheffield, ranging from small but friendly venues to some of the most highly regarded businesses in the North.

Needless to say, there are great options for tattoo enthusiasts, so whether it’s your first or hundredth tattoo, here’s our roundup of the very best tattoo studios in Sheffield.

Redemption Tattoo Studio

110 Ecclesall Rd, Broomhall, Sheffield S11 8JB

Redemption Tattoo Studio

On Eccleshall road, you’ll find the renowned Redemption Tattoo Studio.

With one of the best reputations of any tattoo studio in Sheffield – if not the entire North – they’ve consistently produced exceptional work that gets people talking.

With a lineup including award-winning tattoo artists, they’re uniquely placed to offer a specialist for whatever style of tattoo you’re looking for. Ranging from intricate portrait work to skilful coverups, Redemption delivers the goods every time.

The studio itself is spotlessly clean, but rather than feeling clinical is endlessly welcoming.

Getting a tattoo at Redemption is an experience and they’ll work closely with you to design and ink a tattoo that’ll exceed your expectations.

What people say

“This was a very professionally run tattoo studio with very pleasant staff and very talented tattoo artists. The tattoo I had was my first and I am very very pleased with it and I will be back for another.

Highly recommended, don’t hesitate to visit!”

Feline Tattoo Studio in Sheffield

8 Hickmott Rd, Sharrow, Sheffield S11 8QF

Holding the title of the longest-running tattoo studio in Sheffield doesn’t happen without consistently producing quality work.

Feline has been going since 1995 and has a stellar reputation. They’re a small, talented team of 4 with heaps of experience.

People who’ve been inked here shout about the friendly service, attention to detail and general good vibes.

It’s something that’s led them to countless 5-star reviews and makes it easy for us to recommend them in this roundup.

What people say

Amazing people, amazing atmosphere, great value for anything you want do. And perfect service. I recommend this tattoo place for anyone who wants a open and down to earth chat. Very helpful and lovely people.

INKredible Tattoo Studio Sheffield

295 Main Rd, Darnall, Sheffield S9 4QG

In S9, you’ll find INKredible.

They’re a family-run business with a number of exceptionally talented tattoo artists on their books.

As well as their artist in residence, they frequently welcome award-winning artists from across Europe.

With an inviting, bright studio, they specialise in a vast range of tattoo styles, ranging from cover-ups to portraits, tribal to Japanese.

Keep an eye on their social accounts as they often have offers available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Work with the artists at INKcredible to make your idea a reality – and get inked!

What people say

I had an incredible experience with my tattoo, I couldn’t be happier with the work, they were very friendly and professional, I had the opportunity to get a tattoo from a guest artist Helle and she couldn’t be more sweet and talented, I will go back there for sure hopefully with Helle again, thank you, guys.

All Ink Tattoo Studio Sheffield

9 Gleadless Mount, Gleadless, Sheffield S12 2LN

Creative, innovative and passionate are three ways to describe All Ink.

With a long pedigree in the Sheffield Tattoo scene, they’ve inked thousands of people and have been running for over a decade.

Offering custom tattoo design services, their team are exceptionally creative and will unpack and develop your thoughts until you’re blown away with what they have planned.

When it comes to the inking itself, they’re well known for being super friendly and welcoming – something those needle-nervous people among you will be glad of.

In terms of specialisms, they pride themselves on their imagination – so when we say the skies the limit – you know they mean it.

The studio itself is super modern and well kitted out with the best equipment in the business.

If you’re wanting a friendly, collaborative experience, they could well be your studio of choice.

What people say

Got my first tattoo here. Felt really comfortable. Jack was very chatty and welcoming. Had something really dainty and it was done to perfection. The detail is immaculate. Very professional and amazing value. Can’t wait for my next one. 100% recommend!! 🙂

Have we missed your favourite? Drop us a line and we’ll consider adding them to the roundup.

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