9 Wonderful Businesses in Shipley That Are Worth Celebrating!

Over the years, Shipley town centre has transformed greatly. Although shop signs and landlords may change from time to time, one thing seems constant – there remains an eclectic bunch of creative, driven and even innovative business owners running shops, pubs, tea rooms and everything in between that Shipley really wouldn’t be the same without!

In this roundup, I’m taking a look at some of my favourite businesses in Shipley, to show off the sheer variety that’s on offer and to encourage you to support some of the great independent businesses that we’re so lucky to have.


Wonderful Businesses and Shops in Shipley

It seems like yesterday that Hullabaloo first opened their doors – however, they’re coming up to their 2nd Birthday in October. In that seemingly short space of time, they’ve won many avid fans.

With a focus on high quality craft beer, it’s a beer lovers paradise, and what’s more they have a forward thinking approach when it comes to working with local businesses and trying to promote Shipley as a destination. Having hosted countless events, ranging from Live Music to an Escape Room collaboration with nearby Narrow Escape, they’re a business that’re easy to supporting!

John Kearns Butchers

Having been in Shipley for decades, Shipley wouldn’t be the same without John Kearns Butchers. Well known for their friendly service and high quality, locally sourced meat, Kearns are on hand to help you eat well. Whether you’re looking for a leg of lamb for a superior Sunday Roast, or want to host the best barbeque around – the meat is reasonably priced, better quality than that of nearby supermarkets and you can’t beat the personal service on offer.

If you’ve not visited John Kearns Butchers, make sure you visit soon.

Interlude Tea Room

Most people in Shipley will have visited Interlude Tea Room at some point or another, and if you’re yet to visit – what are you waiting for?

It’s a wonderful, family-run, 1920s styled tea room who are renowned for their personal service, fantastic selection of dishes and their position as one of the best cafe/tea rooms in the Bradford is well cemented. When visiting Interlude, you can expect a friendly reception, relaxing surroundings and plenty of options for a spot of indulgence.

The Little Stationery Shop

Got children heading back to school and want to get them kitted out with stationary? The Little Stationery Shop’s the only shop you’ll need.

They’re a great, independent stationary shop with a deceptively large product range. Put simply, they’ve got just about anything you could need when it comes to stationary, so whether you’re an avid crafter, professional or need to get prepped for School, College or Uni – make sure you pencil in a visit soon!

Ellis Briggs

Something of a famous name in Shipley, most people who grew up in the area will have fond memories of visiting Ellis Briggs for their first bicycle.

They’ve been in the area for over 80 years and specialise in selling, repairing and manufacturing bikes. In fact, they’re the oldest custom steel framebuilders in the UK.

In 2019, they continue to provide the exceptional levels of service that they’re so well known for. Ride a bike? Thinking of what to get your kids for Christmas? A trip to Ellis Briggs is in order!

X-it Games

The independently owned X-it games opened their Shipley Escape Room in 2018 and have since managed to rack up countless positive reviews, even gaining praise from respected industry critics.

Their game “Afterlife” welcomes players to take up the challenge to cross the void into their afterlives. The game itself is full of creativity and offers an unparalleled experience, which is unrivalled in Shipley. Offering a great setting for those looking for a way to spend a fun afternoon or a way to enhance team work – many of you will have been curious about this intriguing new business – and I encourage you to go check it out for yourself!


Although I’ve never owned an exotic pet myself, I have fond memories of visiting Predators to browse their intriguing selection of exotic pets.

Having been in Shipley for many years, owners of exotic pets, and those thinking of getting one visit Predators from far and wide. They’ve got a wonderful product range and a number of rare pets, including snakes, Gheko’s and various others.

Elsie Russell

Anyone local to Shipley will know Elsie Russel Florist. Founded as far back as 1954 – the family run business is fiercly passionate about floristry and providing the best product possible. The focus on quality is exceptional and it’s because of this that they’ve been able to thrive for so many years.

Perhaps putting it best on their website they say ” For over fifty years my family have followed an almost fanatical belief in how to deliver the highest quality flowers. The Dutch introduced the idea of refrigerating flowers when sending them across long distances. From my travels around the world I spend as much time ensuring the best possible care on their journey as I do choosing the best flowers for you. I have never sold an old flower. I would rather throw it away.  You will always have the freshest flowers I can deliver.”

Narrow Escape

Narrow Escape is every geeks dream. They’re a Comic Book store, who also stocks Graphic Novels, Board Games, Card Games and a good range of Figurines. They’re accessible through Shipley Market and have parking spots just outside, which are often filled with Comic Book fans who travel far and wide to visit.

As well as an enormous selection of the latest Comic Books and Graphic Novels, which are hard to find anywhere else in Bradford, they offer a knowledgeable service and can always point people wanting to learn more about the world of Comic Books in the right direction. If you’ve got Children with an interest in gaming or superheroes, or have an avid interest in Comic Books yourself, you should visit as soon as possible.

So there you have it, just a small flavour of what’s on offer in the wonderful town of Shipley. Of course, we’ve just scratched the surface and we’ll be adding more businesses to the roundup over time. But for now – if you can glean one thing from this article, it’s that there are plenty of reasons to head into Shipley Town Centre and even more great reasons to offer your support to the thriving scene of independent businesses in the area – so that our town can continue to grow and thrive, well into the future.

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