8 More Quiz Questions Only People From Skipton Can Answer

A couple of weeks ago we published a fun quiz about Skipton to see how well local residents and frequent visitors knew about the town. Our quiz proved to be incredibly popular and we’ve had numerous requests for another.

So, here are another 8 questions about ‘The Gateway to The Dales’. This time, we’ve made the questions a little more difficult.  Let us know how you get on!

Who planted the yew tree in the central courtyard of Skipton Castle?

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On which days of the week does Skipton Market operate?

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Ermysted's Grammar School was founded in which year?

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The Leeds Liverpool canal was completed in 1816. How many years did it take to build?

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Which newspaper named Skipton as the 'Best Place to Live in Britain' in 2014?

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Aireville Park was once part of the Aireville Estate. Who was the estate owned by?

The Cliffords
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On Caroline Square, you will find a memorial plaque dedicated to whom?

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Where can you find The Waterwheel House?

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8 More Quiz Questions Only People From Skipton Can Answer
Poor effort. Have you ever even been to Skipton?
At least you tried....
We imagine you've only been to Skipton a couple of times. Either that or you're very new to the town!
Nice try!
Not bad at all!
Well done. You got them all right!

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