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Chocolate and Truffles is the go-to place for chocolate lovers in Skipton. Owned and run by a talented and experienced chocolatier, it’s one of Skipton’s favourite independent shops.

Whether you’re looking for an indulgent treat for yourself or a delicious gift for a friend, Chocolates and Truffles always have a superb selection of handmade chocolates available. For those with a real passion for this sugary snack, owner Michelle Nye also hosts regular workshops so you can learn how to make them yourself!

Many of our small independent businesses are struggling right now and they’re finding it hard to compete with the big retailers. When we think of chocolate, there’s no end to the number of brands and producers that pop into our heads and we all have a favourite. Before you head to the supermarket and reach for that mass-produced box of branded chocs, consider supporting your local chocolatier. Everything tastes better when made with love.

IMAGE: Naomi Spence Photography

We spoke to Michelle to find out more about Chocolates and Truffles…

You’ve been trading in Skipton for 5 years now. What led you to open Chocolates and Truffles?

I had a retail background in chocolate and wanted to run my own business. People want authenticity and so it made sense to make all our own chocolates.

All your chocolates are made using your own recipes. Where do you get your inspiration from for new products and flavours?

IMAGE: Naomi Spence Photography

Really it’s being aware of what’s trending and experimenting with new flavours like vanilla and cardamom. People do like what they know though and pairing popular flavours works well such as raspberry and Prosecco.

We think your chocolates are delicious and far superior to the big brand chocs available on supermarket shelves. What do you think makes them so good?

They contain simple ingredients which shine through and we don’t bulk them up with sugar. The chocolate is good quality and is rain forest alliance certified.

Valentine’s is only a few weeks away. Have you introduced any new lines for this?

Valentines is about love and food is the way into someone’s heart. We make chocolate hearts that can be personalised along with pink champagne truffles and also valentines boxes full of delicious chocolates.

You recently announced that you will be offering chocolate parties for children. Could you tell us a little more about these?

IMAGE: Naomi Spence Photography

We’ve already got a few successful children’s parties under our belt. They are available age 6-18 . We offer three packages based on age ability. The parties range from decorating chocolate pizzas to making truffles. Children love hands on activities and experimenting with chocolate is great fun. Visit our website if you want to book a party.

It’s a really difficult time for British high streets and many independent shops are struggling. Why do you think this is?

It is tough due to high rent and rates and also very a different consumer culture with different shopping habits. People shop online and they want experiences. I think the tide is turning though and artisan shops are gaining ground. Shops have to adapt and try new approaches to meet today’s demands. As well as being customer focused we have an online presence, offer chocolate workshops and look for more business-to-business opportunities.

What advice would you give to someone considering opening a new business in Skipton?

Pick your location, start small and build up, know your customer base, and manage your cash flow well.

You have recently moved premises. Could you tell us where we can now find you and when you are open?

IMAGE: Naomi Spence Photography

We are off the top of the high street and just under the archway next to Alexander’s. We are open six days a week 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, apart from Mondays and Tuesdays when we close at 5pm. We are now closed on Sundays.

You also cater for weddings and corporate events. How would someone go about placing a bulk order with you?

It’s best to call into the shop to discuss specific requirements. We can usually accommodate peoples requests and are happy to be part of a special occasion.

This article is part of our We Love Skipton campaign, which was launched to support and promote independent businesses in Skipton. If you own a business and would like to discuss promotional opportunities, please email Advertise@theyorkshirepress.co.uk

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