We Love Skipton: Gemology Holistic and Wellbeing

Holistic therapy and spiritual healing are incredibly popular at the moment and one of Skipton’s independent shops, accommodates and appeals to both experts and novices in the field. Specialising in natural crystals, Gemology Holistic and Wellbeing in Skipton’s Craven Court Shopping Centre is a little treasure trove of products which will calm the mood, invigorate the mind and soothe the soul. As part of our ongoing “We Love Skipton” campaign we spoke to owner, Annette Carey-Marshall, to learn more about her wonderful shop and the benefits of Crystal Healing…

Gemology skipton
CREDIT: Naomi Spence Photography

Annette, could you tell us a little bit about how Gemology began and your reasons for launching your business? 

My business grew from a hobby making jewellery with gemstones and crystals, which I would sell to friends and at craft fairs. I have long been fascinated by the lore and legend that surrounds crystals and gems. Then, out of the blue, I started on my spiritual journey and qualified as a Reiki practitioner and Crystal therapist. I cut my teeth on Leeds market age 13, working for my aunty and uncle selling chickens and rabbits on a Saturday and have worked in retail ever since.

After being made redundant from my job I saw an opportunity and BOOM! Gemology Holistic and Wellbeing was created! I love helping people and feel like I am giving something back. I make sure that I handpick all the crystals I sell. It’s like I’m their foster mum until they find their forever home .

You sell some beautiful crystals in your shop, what other products do you stock?

Along with Crystals I stock Himalayan Salt lamps, angel oracle cards , tarot cards, massage candles, books, CDs, soaps, solid shampoo, crystal water bottles, incense cones and sticks, essential oils, oil burners and so much more .

CREDIT: Naomi Spence Photography

What would you recommend to someone who has never tried crystal healing before? What should they buy to begin with?

If you’re a newcomer to the wonderful world of crystals, you need to pick the crystal that resonates with you. After all, the crystal picks you and not vice versa. Buy a good crystal book or research it on the internet. Cleanse your crystals too – there are a number of ways you can do this. Then you need to set an intention as this makes the crystal yours.

Once they have acquired the appropriate crystals, where should they keep them for maximum benefit?

It really depends on why you need your crystal. It’s most common to carry them in your pocket or handbag but you can also keep them at the side of your bed or under the bed, in the relationship or abundance corner of your home and perhaps by the front door for protection. The list is endless.

CREDIT: Naomi Spence Photography

You also stock Himalayan sea salt lamps. These are hugely popular at the moment. What are the benefits?

Himalayan salt is one of Mother Nature’s finest accomplishments . You can cook with it, cook on it, use it as soap or deodorant – you can even put it on your chips! The lamps act as a dehumidifier and air purifier as they draw in the moisture from the air. They take in allergens and pollen and counteract electronic pollution too so they’re great for lifting your mood and helping you to sleep.

CREDIT: Naomi Spence Photography

Your shop in Craven Court is relatively new. Prior to opening, you stocked your products in Out of the ORDinary. How important do you feel it is for local businesses to support one another?

I think its very important that independent businesses support each other. It doesn’t take a lot sometimes. It can be as simple as just sharing ideas , recycling shop fittings and equipment or just asking “How’s your day been?”

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