Local Legend: “The Geek Side” is Skipton’s Favourite Independent Shop

Back in June, we published an article celebrating the wonderful independent shops currently trading in the historic market town of Skipton. With its award-winning high street, excellent town centre markets and stunning Victorian shopping arcade, it’s no wonder that visitors flock here by the coach load to indulge in a spot of retail therapy.

We listed just 30 of Skipton’s brilliant independent shops in our article. Knowing that there are so many more scattered around the town and eager to promote the importance of shopping locally, we asked the Skipton community to let us know which of Skipton’s independent shops they loved the most.

The people of Skipton did not disappoint! Votes were soon flying in and numerous independent shops in Skipton recieved votes from loyal customers and proud residents. With so many excellent gift shops in Skipton, we weren’t surprised when the votes were counted and the overall winner was one of Skipton’s much-talked-about gift shops.


The Geek Side in Craven Court received the largest number of votes and we are proud to name them as “Skipton’s Favourite Independent Shop” for the first of our Local Legend Awards.

Owned and managed by a talented Graphic Designer with a love of all things “geeky”, The Geek Side is a treasure trove of quirky gifts and themed merchandise. Filled to the ceiling with TV, movie, gaming, Disney and other themed gifts and merchandise, the shop is great for finding a gift for someone who loves a particular video game, TV show, hit movie or Disney character.

Their impressive collection of Harry Potter merchandise is by far their main attraction. With an entire floor dedicated to the magical world created by J K Rowling, visitors from all over head to the Skipton shop to get their hands on this much sought after stock. With everything from official Dumbledore wands and Gryffindor robes to Voldemort notebooks and The Tri-Wizard Cup, there is more than enough to excite any avid Harry Potter fan.

When told The Geek Side had been voted as Skipton’s Favourite Independent Shop, owner Zoe Dickinson said:

“Wow! I’m absolutely over the moon, happy and totally overwhelmed about being voted Skipton’s favourite independent shop. There are so many amazing independently owned businesses in town and I am so humbled to know that the locals, and even those further afield who come to visit Skipton, love my shop so much and voted for me.

In the scary times we are currently facing in retail, it is more important than ever to support your small, local independent businesses and the owners who work hard to bring something a little bit different to your local high streets. We all are grateful to everyone for supporting us – no matter how small your purchase may be, it all makes a difference!”

Congratulations to Zoe and her team at The Geek Side!

To find out more about this wonderful shop, like their Facebook page or visit their website.

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