Standing Up To Sarcoma – Fundraising Comedy Night at Skipton Auction Mart

rob metcalfe

On Friday 13th September 2019, Skipton Auction Mart will host an evening of stand up comedy to help raise funds for local man, Rob Metcalfe, and the charity Sarcoma UK.

In January 2018, Rob was prescribed a course of antibiotics for chest pains and a persistent cough. Despite the treatment, Rob’s symptoms worsened and he was given a chest x-ray in March. The x-ray showed that Rob had suffered a small lung collapse but it also revealed a small unidentifiable object in his lung. Shortly after, Rob contracted pneumonia and sepsis and was admitted to hospital, where doctors did a CT scan of his lungs and concluded that the mass was nothing more than a cyst which would disappear in time.

In June, Rob was given surgery to repair his collapsed lung but despite this, his symptoms were still present in the August and his GP referred him for another chest x-ray. This revealed that the mass in his lungs had doubled in size and, after a biopsy was finally taken in the September, Rob was diagnosed with Primary pleuropulmonary synovial sarcoma. Rob began his 24 rounds of gruelling radiotherapy treatment before surgery was carried out on 30th January 2019, to remove his tumour, two of his ribs and the adjacent muscles and nerves.

In March of this year, Rob was given the devastating news that his cancer is terminal. Angry with his initial misdiagnosis and the delay in being given a biopsy, but eager to raise awareness of the rare disease, Rob has been sharing his journey via a series of inspirational videos and social media posts.

Rob has recently undergone numerous sessions of chemotherapy treatment to try and slow down the progression of his cancer and give him more precious time with his loved ones. Understandably, his main focus is now on making lasting memories with his wife, Beth, and their two year old son, Caleb.

Organised by experienced Events Managers, Lou Whiteside and Katy Marshall, proceeds from the stand up comedy night will be split between Rob and the charity, Sarcoma UK . Feauring a fantastic line up of talented performers including Howard Walker, Scott Wild, Aaron Carter and Jed Salisbury, and compered by SJ Cooke, the event promises to deliver lots of laughter and hopefully, will enable Rob to tick off a few items on his bucket list.

Doors open at 7pm on Friday 13th September at Skipton Auction Mart. The show will begin at 7:30pm and finish at around 10:30pm. As well as a great night of comedy, there’ll also be a pop-up bar serving refreshments and a raffle offering some amazing prizes donated by local companies. Tickets for the event are just £10 and can be booked by called 07834 543539.

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