8 Fun Things to Do Online to Beat the January Blues

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just fast-forward through January every year? After the Christmas and New Year celebrations, many people are left feeling deflated and unmotivated. Well, to help you cure the January blues, here are eight fun things you can do online.

Have a Chat with Cleverbot

Having a chat with an artificially intelligent web application may not immediately make you think of fun. But AI has not yet become so enhanced that it can converse in the way humans do. That means when you use the online Cleverbot, you can end up having some truly hilarious conversations. Examples of sentences the not-so-clever bot has said include: “That playing at cops and robbers can be sexy sometimes”.

Play Slot Games

Whatever type of game you enjoy playing, you will be able to find it online, from old retro video games and modern esports to puzzles and card games. One type of fun game that comes recommended is online slots. If you are stuck at home and missing playing fruit machines at your local Crown and Anchor, you can visit an online casino like Casumo and begin playing a wide variety of slots straight away. With so many themes to choose from, such as movie-themed slots, horror slot games, and games set in Ancient Egypt, you are sure to find one to your fancy.

Rank Your Favourite Things

If you spend time wondering which Star Wars films are best and worst, why not share your opinion online by ranking your favourite things on sites like Ranker? You do not have to rank movies. You can rank whatever it is you are into, from cartoons to electropop bands.

Listen to a Comedy Podcast

There are many ways of watching comedy these days, and the internet has made it more accessible than ever before for new funny men and women to get an audience. There are some true gems of comedy podcasts out there. Some of the best British ones include the improvised mockumentary Mind Canyon, starring Steve Dawson and Charlie Kemp, and Off Menu, starring Ed Gamble and James Acaster.

Try a New Recipe

If cooking is your idea of fun, then explore the internet to find new and exciting recipes. If you are bored of eating the same meals week in, week out, then explore exotic recipes from other countries. You could try Paraguayan Chipa Guazu or Vegan Banana and Tahini Bread. The possibilities are literally endless.

Be Amazed by Akinator

The great Akinator can guess any character you are thinking of. Seriously, the fun app game may use algorithms, but there seems to be some sort of sorcery involved too because Akinator simply never misses. Akinator will ask you questions and guess accurately every single time!

Find Out Your Personality Type

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Are you more practical than you are creative? You can discover the answers to such questions by engaging with online apps that tell you your personality type. Simply answer questions to find out. This is a fun online activity to do with friends, as you can debate how accurate the test is.

Watch Earth from Outer Space

Space tourism is happening sooner than you think. SpaceX is hoping to send tourists into orbit in early 2022. In the meanwhile, you do not have to board SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft to view the earth from above. Instead, you can watch a live feed from the International Space Station. It is an awe-inspiring experience to spend a few hours looking down at the beauty of our wondrous planet. You might even spot a UFO.

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