Sunday Lunch at The Lord Nelson, Thirsk

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were heading over to Thirsk from our home in Skipton, to visit my Father-in-law’s grave for the first time. Prior to our visit, I asked the good people of Thirsk to recommend somewhere we could go for Sunday Lunch. Judging by the number of responses, Thirsk is home to quite a number of establishments offering excellent home-cooked Sunday roasts. With so many places recommended, we decided to opt for the place nearest to St Mary’s Church – The Lord Nelson.

Quite a few people had recommended the pub and we were eager to find out why this small independent pub, was so well thought off within the local community. I messaged the Facebook page for The Lord Nelson to enquire about the menu and prices. Within minutes, I received a friendly and informative response. 

The Lord Nelson is the last remaining pub on St James Green and is pretty much surrounded by residential properties. The area is relatively quiet and we didn’t see a single soul during our stroll from the car. 

Bitterly cold and feeling a tad emotional, we entered The Lord Nelson to find exactly what had been hoping for – a relaxed atmosphere, a friendly welcome from the landlady and the unmistakable aroma of Sunday lunch. 

At the time we arrived, it appeared that all the tables were taken up with people tucking into generous portions of food. We fully expected to be turned away or seated in the bar area for a considerable length of time until a table became available. It actually took no longer than five minutes for us to be seated in the homely restaurant area.

As expected, the Sunday menu is shorter than a usual menu, however, it was very well thought out. For those wanting a roast, there were four size options – Supersize (£9.95), Normal (£7.95), Junior (£5.75) and, Toddler (£3.95). For those wanting something other than a traditional roast, there were other options such as Bangers & Mash (£7.95), Breaded Scampi (£8.75), 6.oz Gammon Steak (£6.75) and Double Cheeseburger (£7.85). 

I opted for the Normal Sunday lunch. Had I been dining alone, I probably would have gone for the Junior portion. However, I had my husband with me and he is always ready and willing to devour every remaining morsel! Besides, he chose the Double Cheeseburger and would have been mortified of he were unable to sample both meals. 

We waited approximately 20 minutes for our food to arrive. Perfectly reasonable considering how busy it was and how good the food was once it arrived. I was astonished at the portion size and immediately wished my husband had ordered the Supersize version just so I could make a comparison! Although, his cheeseburger was blessed with a rather impressive circumference.

The meal itself was everything you would expect your mum to make (if you’re lucky enough to have a mum with culinary skills). The beef (that day’s options were Roast Beef and Stuffed Chicken) was wonderfully tender and despite already thinking there was a sufficient amount, I was pleasantly surprised to find more slices lurking beneath my mountainous Yorkshire Pudding. In addition to the meat and Yorkshire Pudding, I had buttery mash, roast potatoes, fresh broccoli and carrots which, had obviously been steamed to perfection. I genuinely couldn’t fault anything I was served and at less than £8, I think it was an absolute bargain!

According to my husband, his Double Cheeseburger also exceeded expectations. He has very little interest in how his food is presented and isn’t a fan of towering burgers which require a lengthy battle  with a knife and fork. If he has a burger, he wants to be able to pick it up and enjoy it without finding remnant of it in his beard a week later. That is exactly what he got and he thoroughly enjoyed every bite. 

All in all, our experience at The Lord Nelson was faultless. The service was friendly and efficient, the atmosphere was cosy and welcoming and, the food was exceptionally good for the prices being charged. We won’t hesitate to return once we have visited some of the other recommended places to eat in Thirsk. 

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