Cracking Easter Egg Hunt at Cliffe Castle Museum and Park

A cracking Easter egg hunt with a difference is coming to Cliffe Castle Museum and Park in Keighley.


Bracewell the dragon, the mascot for the Bradford Council-run venue, has been really forgetful and he can’t remember where he hid some precious eggs. He is calling on local children to come and help him to find them and find out about the mysterious creature who laid them.


Volunteers from the Cliffe Castle Support group will be handing out clues to help children to hunt for the missing eggs, on Easter Saturday, 20 April.


There will be small prizes award to those who are able to find them all and Cliffe Castle ancestor Henry Isaac Butterfield and Bracewell the dragon will be around to help (or hinder) the hunt.


Continuing the dragon theme, people will be able to have a go at handling exotic animals and reptiles in the Glasshouses, provided by local company Into the Wild, Shipley. There will also be dragon themed craft activities in conservatory at the museum.


Those wanting a fluffier Easter experience will have the opportunity to get close to the park’s resident rabbits.


All the activities are free, including entrance to the museum and the fun takes place between 12pm and 3pm.


Maggie Pedley, Bradford Council’s Libraries, Museums and Galleries Manager, said: “It’s sure to be a cracking day. Bracewell the dragon is looking forward to meeting everyone and is really egg-cited that local children will help him to be reunited with his precious eggs.


“Many thanks to the Cliffe Castle Support Group and our Parks Team for their help with this event and to B&M Stores and the Co-Op for donating the prizes.”


For more information about Bradford Council’s Museums and Galleries Service and the events they put on throughout the year visit

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