Shaun Doane From Everly Pregnant Brothers to Present a Christmas Show on BBC Radio Sheffield

Shaun Doane, lead singer with one of Sheffield’s most popular bands, The Everly Pregnant Brothers, is to swap the music studio for a radio studio as he presents a special Christmas show on BBC Radio Sheffield.

The three hour record-fest will celebrate the wonder of old fashioned vinyl. Shaun will be joined by special guests Jon McClure, lead singer of fellow Sheffield band The Reverend and the Makers, and vinyl enthusiast Sam Walker, also from Sheffield. Shaun will challenge his guests to come up with their favourite vinyl tracks.

Shaun said: “I’ve always fancied getting behind a radio mic so when Radio Sheffield invited me to front this show I jumped at the chance.  We’ve got some great music chosen by myself and my guests and most importantly it is all played off vinyl.  You really can tell the difference. The sound is so much warmer and richer.”

Big Shaun’s Vinyl Showdown is one of a series of special festive programmes to be broadcast over the Christmas period. Other programmes include: A celebration of the contemporary South Yorkshire music scene presented by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid; a documentary about Toby Foster’s Bangers and Cash car rally which saw Toby drive an old banger from Sheffield to Monte Carlo earlier in the year; and a review of the success of The Naked Podcast including highlights from the ground-breaking series.

Big Shaun’s Vinyl Showdown will be broadcast on Friday December 28th at 3pm and repeated on New Year’s Eve at 7pm.

The Bangers and Cash car rally is on on Boxing Day at 1pm; Magid Magid will present his hour special on December 27th at 7pm as part of the #ThrowbackThursday programme; and The Year of The Naked Podcast can be heard on New Year’s Eve at 6pm and repeated at 1pm on New Year’s Day.      

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