5 Yorkshire Pudding Fillings You Need to Try

The humble Yorkshire Pudding is one of our favourite things to have ever come from our glorious county. This tasty batter-based beauty is served across the UK is a vital part of the traditional English Roast and has been gracing our dinner plates since the 18th century. Originally served as one large slab and served with gravy to moisten it, Yorkshire Puddings are more often circular in shape and made in small, individual portions.

The shape of the modern Yorkshire Pudding with its central indentation has inspired various chefs, restaurants and foodies to serve it with various fillings both sweet and savoury. In this article, we’re looking at some of the weird and wonderful ways the good old Yorkshire Pudding has been served to pudding-passionate diners in recent years. With the Yorkshire Pudding as the star of the show, the possibilities are endless, as some of these creative businesses have demonstrated. Take a look at some of of our favourites listed below and try and let us know which one tickles your fancy!

The Yorkshire Breakfast

yorkshire pudding breakfast

Crumbs and Cobbles on Whitby’s famous Church Street gave their popular Full English Breakfast a Yorkshire twist by serving it in a giant, homemade Yorkshire Pudding. With so much wonderful produce available locally to make a top-notch fry-up, we believe it makes perfect sense to serve it inside Yorkshire’s signature food item. Plenty of cafes across the county are doing just that.

The Yorkshire Pudding Wrap

yorkshire pudding wraps

Originally made famous by the fabulous York Roast Company, the Yorkshire Pudding Wrap can now be found at various retailers and restaurants throughout the UK. By laying a pudding flat, toping it with all the staple components of a decent Roast Dinner and rolling it up, it gives you the chance to enjoy one of Britain’s favourite meals on the go! What’s not to love about that?

Fountell’s in Beverley, who were one of the first to serve the Yorkshire Pudding Wrap, serve a breakfast version on their excelllent menu of Yorkshire wraps, which is served with a dipping pot of tomato sauce.

Yorkshire Pudding Wraps are now available pretty much up and down the country, with restaurants and supermarkets offering their own version of this tasty sandwich alternative. If you haven’t tried one yet, where have you been?

Yorkshire Pudding Pizza

yorkshire pudding fillings

Okay, so it technically this isn’t exactly a filling but it’s still a weird and wonderful way of serving our savoury Northern pancakes! Last year, the Bradford-based supermarket chain, Morrisons, launched a new product that delighted their Yorkshire shoppers – Yorkshire Pudding Pizza! Their giant Yorkshire Puddings which were filled to the brim with tomato sauce, cheese and yummy pepperoni, flew of the shelves as people across the county celebrated Yorkshire Day.

Yorkshire Pudding Nacho Bowl

yorkshire pudding fillings

Popular chain Toby Carvery have just unveiled the latest Yorkshire addition to their menu. On Sundays, diners will be able to tuck into a tasty portion of topped nachos served in a Yorkshire Pudding bowl. Their popular giant puddings will be filled with a crispy nachos, pulled pork, green chillies, tomato salsa and melted cheese. This is perfect for sharing and once all the filling is eaten, you can tuck into an extra flavoursome Yorkshire Pudding which will no doubt have soaked up the flavours of the succulent pulled pork. It’s different but we like it!

Yorkshire Pudding Ice-Cream Sundae

Yorkshire Pudding fillings

Now, as the basic Yorkshire Pudding recipe is simply a pancake batter, there’s nothing to say it has to be served as part of a savoury dish. Cake’ole, the immensley popular quirky cafe company with three locations in the county, started serving a sweeter version last summer. Their fluffy Yorkshire Puddings were filled with yummy Yorkshire ice-cream and served with a jug of indulgent chocolate gravy. Yummy!

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