Lost City Adventure Golf launches golden treasure hunt in Hull

Lost City Adventure Golf, based in St Stephen’s Shopping Centre, is set to hide stacks of precious ‘Inca’ gold coins across Hull city centre to celebrate World Miniature Golf Day (21 September).

The adventure golf venue is giving avid treasure hunters the chance to win a free 18-hole game by hiding 50 of the golden coins in various locations across the city centre. The hunt will run from Tuesday 21st September – World Miniature Golf Day – until Sunday 26th September – or until all the coins have been found. All treasure hunters need to is bring their coin to Lost City when they want to redeem a free game.

Each gold coin had the words ‘Lost City Adventure Golf’ printed on each side, with a golden sheen that is hard to miss!

As well as celebrating World Miniature Golf Day, Lost City is also wants to use the golden coin hunt as a way to give back to the people of Hull, who have supported the venue after a difficult start following the Covid lockdowns – which saw Lost City delay its opening by over a year.

Lane Scott, director of Lost City Adventure Golf, said: “Ever since Lost City first opened, we’ve been overwhelmed with how welcoming the people of Hull are. There are so many brilliant personalities with the best sense of humour that remind me of my hometown back in Belfast.

“That’s why we want to return the favour – and what could be a better way to start than hosting a citywide golden coin hunt giving Hull residents the chance to enjoy free mini golf fun on us.”

Lost City Adventure Golf is located on the first floor of St Stephen’s and comprises of two, 18-hole indoor golf courses that are full of large-scale special effects and animal animatronics, alongside fun interactive features that give golfers a truly memorable immersive experience.

As well as a game of golf or two, guests can also enjoy Lost City’s Tiki bar, which offers various handcrafted cocktails, beers, milkshakes, and coffees, alongside a range of homemade pizzas.

To find out more on its golden coin hunt visit the Lost City Adventure Golf Facebook page.

For more information on Lost City Adventure Golf, visit: www.lostcityadventuregolf.com.

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