Man Jailed for Attempting To Strangle A Woman in Huddersfield

A Huddersfield man has been sentenced to four years in prison after being found guilty of attempting to strangle a woman. 

Yonis Abraham (27) from Swan Lane, Huddersfield, was sentenced today   (January 22, 2020) at Leeds Crown Court for the offence at a house in Huddersfield on March 24, 2019.

The incident occurred in the early hours of March 24 after Abraham gave a lift to his female victim who thought he was a taxi driver.

After asking for some water and entering her property, the man then assaulted the victim and strangled her. 

He was disturbed by the victim’s housemates and fled after she shouted for assistance.

Officers were later able to identify him as a result of further enquiries.

Abraham was found guilty of the offence at Leeds Crown Court in December 2019 following a trial.

Detective Inspector Mark Catney, Senior Investigating Officer in the case, said: “Abraham’s inflicted a terrifying assault on his victim and we are pleased to see him sentenced at court today.

“It is fortunate she was spared serious injuries by the intervention of her housemates and it is thanks to them that this dangerous man was unable to proceed further with his attack, the ultimate motive for which he has never disclosed.

“Detectives mounted a thorough investigation into this offence and we hope seeing Yonis Abraham brought to justice may bring his victim some comfort.

“I also want to praise her bravery in supporting the prosecution and reassure all victims that officers will do all they can to support victims and seek justice for them.”

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