19 Of The Tallest Buildings In Yorkshire in 2019

Tallest building in Leeds

Across Yorkshire there are many defining buildings. Be they the grand, historic stately homes like Temple Newsam which give insight into the regions history. Or the statement, modern buildings like The Hepworth in Wakefield, which are a testament to the counties creative flair. Perhaps the buildings which define the Yorkshire skyline more than most, are the tall structures, which can be seen for miles around.

In this article, we’re taking a look at the 19 tallest buildings in Yorkshire.

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What’s the tallest building in Yorkshire?

Bridgewater Place | Leeds | 112 metres

Bridge Water Place One of the tallest buildings in Yorkshire

Bridgewater Place is the tallest building in Yorkshire. It stands at a whopping 112 metres, towering above every other building in the city. It was built in 2007 and is used as both a residential and commercial business. It’s been somewhat controversial over the year as its unusual shape accelerates the wind in the area and the nearby roads are often closed to avoid accidents.

The Plaza Tower  | Leeds | 106 metres

The Plaza Tower one of the tallest buildings in Yorkshire

The Sky Plaza stands at 37 storeys and is a residential skyscraper in Arena Quarter. Although it’s not the tallest building in Leeds, it’s the 2nd tallest student accommodation building in the world. Word started on the building in 2007 and was completed in 2009.

St Pauls Tower | Sheffield | 101 metres

st Pauls tower the tallest building Sheffield

The 3rd tallest building in Yorkshire, St Paul’s Tower is an upscale residential development which was completed in 2011.  Although it’s technically the tallest building in Sheffield, the Arts Tower has a higher roof due to being built on higher ground. 

Opal Tower | Leeds | 90 metres

Opal Tower one of the tallest buildings in Yorkshire

With 25 storeys, Opal Tower serves as student accommodation, it was completed in 2008 and consists of 25 storeys. 

Pinnacle (West Riding House) | Leeds | 80 metres

Pinnacle one of the tallest buildings in Yorkshire

Pinnacle (formerly known as West Riding House) dates back to 1973 and was officially the tallest building in Leeds up until 2005. It includes retail units and offices as well as housing a small multi-storey car park. 

Arts tower | Sheffield | 78 metres

Arts Tower in Sheffield

Arts Tower is one of the oldest buildings on the list, being completed in 1966 and is owned by the University of Sheffield. Its design is renowned architecturally and was described as “the most elegant university tower block in Britain of its period.) The building was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.

Park Plaza Hotel | Leeds | 77 metres

Plaza Park Hotel one of the tallest in Leeds

Park Plaza Hotel is a tower block in Leeds near the train station. It was also opened in 1966 and was redesigned in 2004 to house the four star Park Plaza Hotel. It was the tallest building in Leeds for just 6 years until being surpassed by West Riding House.

Tower North Central | Leeds | 77 metres

Tower North Central in Leeds

Tower North Central, or Arena Point as it’s now known is a 77 metre office tower which has 20 floors. It’s exactly the same size as the Park Plaza hotel and is used as office space. It was built in 1967 before being refurbished in 2003.

Candle House | Leeds | 75 metres

Candle House in Leeds

Candle house is a peculiar looking building found beside the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and the River Aire. It was built in 2009 and is used for a variety of uses, including housing a popular bar and restaurant.

K2 | Leeds | 74 metres

K2 in Leeds City Centre

Completed in 1972, K2 is a residential tower block found in the city centre. It has a mixture of uses, including a number of bars. It was originally built as Dudley House and was an office block occupied by Leeds City Council. It was redeveloped and reclad in the early 2000s. Interestingly, it was once home to Leeds own Hard Rock Cafe.

Cottingley Towers |Leeds |  72 metres

Cottingley Towers one of the tallest towers in Leeds

Cottingley Towers is a high rise tower block of rented accommodation on top of a hill in Cottingley, Leeds.It was built in 1972 and was refurbished in 1989. It was once considered the tallest residential building in Europe.

Broadcasting Tower | Leeds | 70 metres

Broadcasting Tower one of the tallest buildings in Yorkshire

Broadcasting Tower is a university building in Woodhouse Lane, Leeds and forms part of Leeds Beckett University. It was designed by Stirling Prize-winning architects Feilden Clegg Bradley and is well known for its unusual shape and rust-like appearance. It was officially opened in 2009. 

Leeds Town Hall | Leeds | 69 metres (lol)

Leeds Town Hall

Leeds Town Hall is one of the most iconic buildings in Leeds. It was designed by Cuthbert Broderick, who also designed the Corn Exchange. It was opened in 1858 and is used for many things in 2018, including a myriad of great events.

Clarence House | Leeds | 66 metres

Clarence House Leeds

Clarence House stands at 66 metres and consists of over 200 apartments and 6 retail units. It is the final residential phase of the Clarence Dock scheme, which brought the total number of apartments to over 1000. It was opened in 2007.

Velocity Tower | Sheffield | 66 metres 

Velocity Tower in Sheffield

Velocity Tower was completed in 2010 and consists of 22 storeys which overlooks Sheffield City Centre. It houses apartments. An application to develop the building into 36 storeys was rejected by Sheffield City Council, although plans to develop it to 30 storeys are underway.

Bradford City Hall | Bradford | 66 metres

Bradford City Hall One Of The Tallest Buildings in Yorkshire
Bradford Town Hall, West Yorkshire.

Bradford City Hall is a Venetian Gothic style building which was opened in 1873. It’s an impressive looking building which has many intricate details and is known for its landmark bell/clock tower.

West Point | Leeds | 65 metres

West Point in Leeds

West Point (once known as Royal Mail House) stands at 65 metres and is a residential tower block with over 350 residential units. It was once occupied by the Royal Mail before the old building was mostly demolished in 2003 before being redeveloped into the building we see today.

Sheffield Town Hall | Sheffield | 61 metres

Sheffield Town Hall was built in 1897 and was opened by Queen Victoria. It was designed by architect E.W Mountford and has been developed various times over the years. It’s a grand and intriguing building with surrounding buildings such as the peace gardens making it one of the most visited buildings in Sheffield.

Royal Hallamshire Hospital | Sheffield | 61 metres 

Royal Hallamshire Hospital consists of over 850 beds and has was founded in 1971.  It was designed by Adams, Holden and Pearson over two phases. It’s the third biggest building in Sheffield.

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