7 Wonderful Places to Walk in Yorkshire

Saltaire walk in Yorkshire

Whether you’re looking for a brisk stroll through a historic city or a challenging hike, Yorkshire has it all. There are many places which are perfect for walking in Yorkshire. Although, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this regularly growing roundup of the top places to walk in Yorkshire. So grab your walking boots and fill your backpack with your favourite sandwiches. It’s time to plan your next walk in Yorkshire.

Malham Cove – North Yorkshire

Markham Cove in Yorkshire

No roundup of places to walk in Yorkshire would be complete without Malham Cove. It’s been a popular destination for walkers for centuries. What’s more, a few years ago it was featured in a Harry Potter films, mamaki it more popular than ever. If you’re a fan of dramatic landscapes, far reaching views and beautiful waterfalls, look no further. Malham Cove should sit firmly at the top of your list of walking destinations. To get to the top of Malham Cove, you’ll have to treck up a fairly steep incline, but it’s worth it once you get to the top. The view from the top is beautiful and could rival just about anywhere in the world.

Whitby – East Yorkshire

Whitby, a coastal town in North Yorkshire holds a special place in many people’s hearts. It’s world famous for being the location of Dracula’s Yorkshire holiday home. But aside from its literary fame, it’s also a great place to walk in Yorkshire. The sea air, combined with beautiful coastal landscapes are a winning combination. As well as being home to some of the most unusual places to stay in Yorkshire, it’s the perfect destination for a walking holiday.

Brontë Country – West Yorkshire

Brontë country walk

Fans of Victorian literature will recognise the Brontë name a mile off. The village of Haworth, and the neighbouring moorland are one of the top destinations in Yorkshire. People visit for many reasons. Some to walk in the footsteps of their favourite characters, others to enjoy the village pubs. For walkers, Brontë country ticks all the boxes and is especially popular with for dog owners.

Saltaire – West Yorkshire

Saltaire walk in Yorkshire

Saltaire is a model village on the outskirts of Bradford, West Yorkshire. As a walking destination, it offers routes for all levels. Those wanting a relaxed stroll can walk through the village while admiring its history. Walkers looking for something more challenging can take to the Leeds Liverpool Canal. As the longest canal in the UK, it would be easy to walk for an entire day without touching the sides. In the village, you’ll also find gift shops, tea rooms and even an art gallery.

The Cow and Calf Rocks – West Yorkshire

Ilkley Moor is another great place to walk in Yorkshire. Covering  The Cow and Calf is probably the most famous part of it. The steap hillside leadtimg to the top of the rocks might be challenging for some walkers. The view from the top allows you to look down on the town of Ilkley and you can see for miles on a clear day. The Cow and Calf walk will only take you about an hour. What’s more, if you’d like a beer break, there are lots of great pubs in Ilkley.

York – North Yorkshire

Places to walk in Yorkshire york

The main reason that York is such a wonderful place to walk in Yorkshire is it’s history. There aren’t many cities in the UK that are as easily accessible, yet have so much to offer. Take to the old castle walls for a unique way to see the city, and learn something along the way. York was once the Viking capital of England and has played a big part in how the country’s developed. By night, there’s the famous York Ghost walk, where an experienced tour guide will show you yet another angle to the cities past. What’s more, if you like to make regular pub breaks on your walks, there are countless pubs and bars in York.

Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough – The Three Peaks

The Yorkshire three peaks walk

Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough is the most intense walk in this roundup. Each year,  walkers challenge themselves to complete the three peaks in under 12 hours. Taking you through beautiful landscapes and up some steep inclines, it gives you the chance to see this special part of the world in a unique way. Whether you’re doing it in the name of charity, or just to challenge yourself, make sure to bring a water bottle and some food to keep you going.


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